Membership Form


  • Meet and spazz with fellow YG Fans
  • Have a chance to get some freebies on the fan cafe’s events
  • Get the latest news on the fan cafe’s events, projects, merchandise, and more!


+ Like YGFPH Fan Café ‘s Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram

+ Fill out the form below COMPLETELY

+Once you have submitted your form, please join the fan cafe’s special group. (Note: Only those who register/submitted their forms will be accepted in the group.)

+ Visit the Members List Page to check if you are already on the list. We will try to update it every once in a while.


  • There is no corresponding fee to be able to be a member.
  • All information will be private and is used for filing.
  • Being a member DOES NOT entitle you to become any part of the official fanclubs.
  • Any problems encountered can be forwarded through our Twitter, Facebook Page, or Contact Page.
  • You may also submit your forms during our fan café events.

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