Official List of YG Family Music Video


Collaborations (YG Family Artist)

// BIGBANG x 2NE1 – Lollipop Music Video
// BOM X LEE HI (BOMHI) – All I Want for Christmas is You Music Video
// Skrillex – Dirty Vibe with CL, Diplo and G-Dragon Music Video
// GDYB – Good Boy Music Video
// WINNER & iKON – dimension Film Project
// HiSuhyun (Lee Hi + AkMu’s Suhyun) “나는 달라” (I’m Different) Music Video
►  “나는 달라” (I’m Different) ‘The Making’ Video

구혜선/Goo Hye Sun

// “십년이 백년이 지난 후에” (After 10 Years 100 Years) Music Video
// “꽃비(Floral Rain” Music Video
// “기억의 조각들” (Pieces of Memories) Short Film Directed by Goo Hye Sun
// “
행복했을까” (Happy) Music Video
// After Image in Hong Kong Solo Art Exhibition
// “
그건 너” (It’s You) Music Video
// “메리 미” (Marry Me) Music Video
// “After Image” Art Exhibition
// “
갈색머리” (Brown Hair) Music Video

이하이/Lee Hi

// Rose Music Video
    ►  Rose Music Video Teaser
    ►  Rose Dance Practice Video
    ►  Rose ‘The Making’ Video
// It’s Over Music Video
    ►  It’s Over ‘The Making’ Video
// Turn It Up Audio Preview
// 1,2,3,4 Music Video
► 1,2,3,4 ‘The Making’ Video
► 1,2,3,4 Debut Single Cover Shoot Making Video

악동뮤지션/Akdong Musician (AKMU)

// Eyes, Nose, Lips Cover Video
// Give Love Music Video
► Give Love Dance Practice Video
► Give Love ‘The Making’ Video
// “얼음들” (Melted) Music Video
// “200%” Music Video
► “200%” ‘The Making’ Video
► “200%” Dance Practice Video
// AkMu Play Box Audio Video Preview
// AkMu – Play in Jeju Video


// “걔 세” (I’m Him) Music Video – Mino (SOLO)
//  Wild and Young Music Video – Kang Seungyoon (SOLO)
// “맘도둑” (Stealer) Music Video – Kang Seungyoon (SOLO)
// “공허해” (Empty) Music Video
// “컬러링” (Color Ring) Music Video
// Promotional Video – ‘2014 S/S Grand Launch’
// WINNER 1st Teaser “The Visitor” Video
► Kim Jinwoo Video
► Nam Taehyun Video
► Song Mino Video
► Kang Seungyoon Video
► Lee Seunghoon Video


// Fire (Street Version) Music Video
// Fire (Space Version) Music Video
// I Don’t Care Music Video
// Kiss (Dara SOLO) Music Video
// You and I (Park Bom SOLO) Music Video
// “날 따라 해봐요” (Follow Me) Music Video
// “박수쳐” (Clap Your Hands) Music Video
// Go Away Music Video
// Can’t Nobody Music Video
// Can’t Nobody (English Version) Music Video
// “아파” (It Hurts) Music Video
// Don’t Stop the Music CF Theme Song Music Video
// Don’t Cry (Park Bom SOLO) Music Video
// Lonely Music Video
// Hate You Music Video
// Ugly Music Video
// Be Mine “Make Thumb Noise” Project Music Video
// I Love You Music Video
► ILY Teaser – Dara Version
► ILY Teaser – CL Version
► ILY Teaser – Bom Version
► ILY Teaser – Group Version
// YG ON AIR – 2NE1 X Jung Sungha ‘Lonely’ Video
// YG ON AIR – 2NE1 X Jung Sungha ‘I Love You’ Video
    ► YG ON AIR – 2NE1 X Jung Sungha ‘Making Film’ Video
// “나쁜 기집애” (The Baddest Female) (CL SOLO) Music Video
► “나쁜 기집애” (The Baddest Female) (CL SOLO) Dance Practice Video
// Falling In Love Music Video
► Falling in Love Dance Practice Video
// Do You Love Me Music Video
// “그리워해요” (Missing You) Music Video
// Happy Music Video
// Come Back Home Music Video
// Crush (LIVE Performance) Video
// “
멘붕” (Mental Breakdown) (CL SOLO) Live Performance Video
// “살아 봤으면 해”(If I Were You) Live Performance Video
// Gotta Be You Music Video
Doctor Pepper (CL SOLO) Music Video


// With U Music Video
// Always Music Video
// Dirty Cash Music Video
//Forever With You Music Video
// Goodbye Baby Music Video
// LA-LA-LA Music Video
// “마지막 인사” (Last Farewell) Music Video
// Ma Girl Music Video
// We Belong Together Music Video
// This Love Music Video
// “눈물뿐인 바보” (A Fool of Tears) Music Video
// How Gee Music Video
// “거짓말” (Lies) Music Video
// “하루하루” Haru-Haru Music Video
// Number 1 Music Video
// My Heaven Music Video
// “ガラガラ GO!!” (Gara Gara Go) Music Video
// Tell Me Goodbye Music Video
// “声をきかせて” Keowokikasete Music Video
// Beautiful Hangover Music Video
// Baby Goodnight (GDTOP) Music Video
// Oh Yeah! (GDTOP) (Japanese Version) Music Video
// Tonight Music Video
// Love Song Music Video
// Blue Music Video
// Bad Boy Music Video
// Fantastic Baby Music Video
// Monster Music Video
► Monster ‘The Making’ Video
► Monster Teaser – TOP Version
► Monster Teaser – G-Dragon Version
► Monster Teaser – Taeyang Version
► Monster Teaser – Daesung Version
► Monster Teaser – Seungri Version
// YG ON AIR – Blue Live Performance Video
// YG ON AIR – Bad Boy Live Performance Video
// YG ON AIR – Love Dust Live Performance Video
// YG ON AIR -Fantastic Baby Live Performance Video
// YG ON AIR – Ain’t No Fun Performance Video
// YG ON AIR – Wings Live Performance Video
// Turn It Up (TOP SOLO) Music Video
// Doom Dada (TOP SOLO) Music Video
// MADE Tour Trailer Video
// Loser Music Video
// Bae Bae Music Video
// We Like 2 Party Music Video
// “뱅뱅뱅” (Bang Bang Bang) Music Video
    ► “뱅뱅뱅” (Bang Bang Bang) ‘The Making’ Video
    ► “뱅뱅뱅” (Bang Bang Bang) Dance Practice Video
// “맨정신” (Sober) Music Video
    ► “맨정신” (Sober) ‘The Making’ Video
// “우리 사랑하지 말아요” (Let’s Not Fall In Love) Music Video
    ► “우리 사랑하지 말아요” (Let’s Not Fall In Love) ‘The Making’ Video
// “쩔어” (ZUTTER) (GDTOP) Music Video
► “쩔어” (ZUTTER) (GDTOP) ‘The Making’ Video
► “쩔어” (ZUTTER) (GDTOP) Dance Practice Video


// “기도” (Prayer) (Taeyang SOLO) Music Video
// “나만 바라봐” (Only Look at Me) (Taeyang SOLO) Music Video
// Where U At (Taeyang SOLO) Music Video
// Wedding Dress (Taeyang SOLO) Music Video
// You’re My/I Need a Girl (Taeyang SOLO) Music Video
// I’ll Be There (Taeyang SOLO) Music Video
► I’ll Be There (Taeyang SOLO) (English Version) Music Video
// “새벽한시” (1AM) (Taeyang SOLO) Music Video
// “눈,코,입” (Eyes, Nose, Lips) (Taeyang SOLO) Music Video
// “링가 링가” (Ringa Linga) (Taeyang SOLO) Music Video


// Heartbreaker (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// Breathe (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// Butterfly (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// “소년이여” (A Boy) (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// One of A Kind (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// “그 XX” (That XX) (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// “크레용” (CRAYON) (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// “미치GO” (MichiGo) (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// Coup D’ Etat (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// “삐딱하게” (Crooked) (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video
// “니가 뭔데” (Who You) (G-Dragon SOLO) Music Video


// Strong Baby Music Video
// V.V.I.P. Music Video
// “어쩌라고” (What Can I Do) Music Video
// “할말있어요” (Gotta Talk To U) Music Video


// “취향저격” (My Type) Music Video
► “취향저격” (My Type) ‘The Making’ Video

에픽하이/Epik High

// “나쁘다” (Bad) (Tablo SOLO) Music Video
// Tomorrow (Tablo SOLO) Music Video
// Don’t Hate Me Music Video
► Don’t Hate Me ‘The Making’ Video
// UP Music Video
    ► UP ‘The Making’ Video
// Born Hater Music Video
// “스포일러” (Spoiler) + “헤픈엔딩” (Happen Ending) Music Video
// “신발장” (Shoebox) Music Video


// “예술이야” (It’s Art) Music Video
// Korea Music Video
// Right Now Music Video
// Gangnam Style Music Video
► Gangnam Style ‘The Making’ Video
► Gangnam Style ft. Hyuna Music Video
// Gentleman Music Video
// Hangover Music Video
// Father (Lang Lang) Music Video


// “한번 더 말해줘” (Tell Me One More Time) Music Video
// “전화번호” (Phone Number) Music Video
// A-YO Music Video
// How Deep is Your Love Music Video
// Taekwon Music Video
// “이제 더 이상” (What U Wanna Do) Music Video
// Gasoline Music Video

Masta Wu

// “이리와봐” Come Here Music Video
// Don’t Stop Music Video
// “문제아” (Bad Boy) Music Video
// White Music Video
// Everything’s All Rite Music Video


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