[Midnight New Song] iKON’s new songs of “unsurpassable” quality… The birth of the perfect version of “monstrous rookie”


[OSEN=박소영 기자] The real monster has appeared. There would be no better Christmas gift than this: a “full album” filled with 11 songs of perfect quality. A hundred days after the release of debut warm-up single “MY TYPE” on September 15, iKON has released their official debut album.

iKON’s debut full album “WELCOME BACK” released at 0 o’clock on the 24 has total 11 songs, including “MY TYPE”, “RHYTHM TA”, “APOLOGY”, “AIRPLANE”, “ANTHEM” that have already been released so far, as well as “TODAY”, “WELCOME BACK”, “I MISS YOU SO BAD”, “DUMB&DUMBER”, and “WHAT’S WRONG?”.

“WHAT’S WRONG?” and “DUMB&DUMBER”, the double title tracks of the full album, are songs for which member B.I contributed to writing the melody and lyrics. They are the first dance music of iKON who has enjoyed popularity with their genuine hip-hop and sentimental hip-hop songs so far. Exciting rhythm and melody will make listeners dance to the music even unknowingly.

That is why iKON’s performance of the new songs is drawing all the more attention. In survival audition shows in which iKON had appeared before their debut, iKON boasted big talent in dance and “disciplined” group dance. Plus, the “gorilla dance” is known to be the point of the choreography for “DUMB&DUMBER”, so fans are looking forward to iKON’s comeback special performance that will be filled with cool dance.


Track No.3 is “I MISS YOU SO BAD” written by G-DRAGON and presented to iKON. The song has the feel of G-DRAGON’s flagship swag, with iKON members’ intense rap and powerful vocal perfectly harmonized together. It is a song of good quality enough to be a title track. A little bit of Korean traditional music’s feel is like a bonus.

Before the on-line release of their new songs, iKON hosted “iKON’s Countdown-live ‘KONY’S MAS’” on NAVER’s special application V-APP. In the live-broadcasting, iKON said, “It’s been two years since the end of survival audition ‘WIN’. That made today’s iKON all the more stronger. We’ve been longing for this debut album, so we’re overwhelmingly happy now”.

So, it is iKON’s debut full album released on the Christmas Eve. The red and green versions of the album feel like a gift left by Santa Clause.

2015. 12. 24.

Source: YG LIFE


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