YG Family Official Accounts

Official Accounts Banner Header

Yang Hyun Suk

+ Official Instagram


+ Official Website
+ Danny’s Instagram
+ Danny’s Twitter
+ Baek Kyoung’s Twitter


+ Official Website
+ Official Website (Japan)
+ Official Weibo Account
+ 2NE1’s Official Youtube Channel
+ Blackjack Offical Website
+ Blackjack NOLZA Offical Website
+ Official Facebook Page
+ Global Blackjack Twitter
+ 2NE1’s Official Instagram
+ CL’s Official Instagram
+ CL’s Official Weibo
+ Bom’s Official Instagram
+ Bom’s Official Twitter
+ Dara’s Official Instagram
+ Dara’s Official Twitter
+ Dara’s Official Weibo
+ Minzy’s Official Instagram
+ Minzy’s Official Twitter
+ Minzy’s Official Weibo

Akdong Musician

+ Official Facebook Page
+ Official Youtube Channel
+ Chanhyuk’s Official Instagram
+ Soohyun’s Official Instagram


+ Official Webiste
+ Official Website (Japan)
+ Official Facebook Page
+ Official Weibo Account
+ VIP Official Website
+ VIP Official Website (Japan)

+ Bigbang’s Official Youtube Channel
+ G-Dragon’s Official Youtube Channel
+ Taeyang’s Official Youtube Channel
+ Seungri’s Official Youtube Channel
+ G-Dragon’s Official Facebook Page
+ Taeyang’s Official Facebook Page
+ Seungri’s Official Facebook Page

+TOP’s Official Instagram
+ G-Dragon’s Official Instagram
+ G-Dragon’s Official Twitter
+G-Dragon’s Official Weibo
+ Taeyang’s Official Instagram
+ Taeyang’s Official Twitter
+ Taeyang’s Official Weibo
+ Seungri’s Official Instagram
+ Seungri’s Official Twitter
+ Seungri’s Official Weibo
+ Seungri Academy’s Official Twitter
+ Global VIP Official Twitter

Epik High

+ Official Website
+ Official Facebook Page
+ Official Tumblr
+ Official Youtube Channel
+ Tablo’s Official Website
+ Tablo’s Official Facebook Page
+ Tablo’s Offical Youtube Channel
+ Tablo’s Official Instagram
+ Tablo’s Official Twitter
+ Tablo’s Official Weibo
+ DJ Tukutz’s Official Instagram
+ DJ Tukutz’s Official Twitter
+ DJ Tukutz’s Official Weibo
+ Mithra’s Official Instagram
+ Mithra’s Official Twitter
+ Mithra’s Official Weibo


+ Official Website
+ Official Twitter
+ Official Instagram
+ Official Youtube

Goo Hye Sun

+ Official Website
+ Official Twitter


+ Official Site
+ Sean’s Official Instagram
+ Sean’s Official Twitter

Lee Hi

+ Lee Hi Official Website
+ Lee Hi Official Blog
+ Lee Hi Official Facebook
+ Lee Hi Official Instagram
+ Lee Hi Official YouTube


+ Psy Official Website
+ Psy Official Facebook
+ Psy Official Twitter
+ Psy Official YouTube


+ Se7en Official Website
+ Se7en Official Website (Japan)
+ Se7en Official Facebook
+ Se7en Official Instagram
+ Se7en Official Me2day
+ Se7en Official Twitter
+ Se7en Official Weibo
+ Se7en Official YouTube


+ WINNER Official Website
+ WINNER Official Facebook
+ WINNER Official Twitter

YG Entertainment

+ YG Entertainment Official Website
+ YG Entertainment Official ‘English’ Website
+ YGEX’s Official Website
+ YG Entertainment Official Facebook
+ YG Entertainment Official Me2day Account
YGe Shop
+ YGe Shop on EBAY
+ YG Entertainment Official Twitter
+ YG Entertainment Official YouTube
+ YG Entertainment Official YOUKU Channel
+ YG Presents Official Store for U.S.A Fans

– NON ARTIST // Commonly Associated with YG Family –

Cho Robin/Choice37

+ Choice37 Official Instagram
+ Choice37 Official Twitter

Daniel Pak/DEE.P

+ DEE.P Official Instagram


+ BIG TONE Official Twitter
+ BIG TONE Official Instagram

Kwon Twins (Hi-Tech Dancer)

+ Kwon Youngdeuk Official Twitter
+ Kwon Youngdeuk Official Instagram
+ Kwon Youngdon Official Twitter
+ Kwon Youngdon Official Instagram


+ Hwanngssabu Official Instagram
+ Hwangssabu Official Twitter
+ Hwangssabu Official Youtube

Lydia Paek

+ Lydia Paek Official Instagram
+ Lydia Paek Official Twitter
+ Lydia Paek Official Youtube




One thought on “YG Family Official Accounts

  1. Hello YG Family, I would like to get in touch with your PR or Marketing department. Let e introduce myself, I’m Sara Espinosa, and I work for Polynesian Group, an Advertising and Business Management Agency that works with the Biggest YouTube Content Creators in LATAM. The Business Management Director will be traveling to Korea, and we were wondering if it were possible to have a meeting with you guys.

    thank you.

    You can get in touch with me via email to, sara.espinosa@polynesiangroup.com

    Warm Regards, Sara Espinosa.

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