[Music Talk Talk] iKON, a rookie who takes No.1 for three songs at the same time


[OSEN=최나영 기자] Only few rookie singers  take No.1 on charts for three songs at the same time.

“DUMB&DUMBER”, the title track of iKON’s debut full album “WELCOME BACK” released on the 24 at 0 o’clock, is staying in No.1 on NAVER MUSIC as of the same day at 7am.

“WHAT’S WRONG?”, the other title track of the album, is recording No.1 on Olleh Music. Plus, “I MISS YOU SO BAD” also included in the album swept No.1 on Genie, Soribada, Mnet.com, and Bugs.

iKON’s new full album has total 11 songs, including “MY TYPE”, “RHYTHM TA”, “APOLOGY”, “AIRPLANE”, “ANTHEM” that have already been released before, as well as “TODAY”, “WELCOME BACK”, “I MISS YOU SO BAD”, “DUMB&DUMBER”, and “WHAT’S WRONG?”. That shows how much effort iKON has put in the new album.

iKON has become an idol group with wide musical spectrum through their competition in survival audition show “WIN” two years ago and another survival audition “Mix & Match”. Now iKON is giving this meaningful Christmas gift to fans.


“WHAT’S WRONG?” and “DUMB&DUMBER”, the double title tracks, are songs for which member B.I contributed to writing the melody and lyrics. They are the first dance music of iKON who has enjoyed popularity with their genuine hip-hop and sentimental hip-hop songs so far. The exciting melody and rhythm will make listeners dance to the music even unknowingly.

“I MISS YOU SO BAD” is a song presented by BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON to iKON. This song is all the more meaningful, as it was the first time for G-DRAGON to give his song to a group other than BIGBANG.

Music videos are full of iKON members’ energetic and cheerful appeals. The videos also further raise anticipation for powerful performance, which is one of iKON’s biggest assets. iKON’s excellent dance that has been somewhat dwarfed by their hip-hop charisma so far is better-demonstrating iKON’s charismatic but cute appeals.

From original hip-hop to sentimental ballad and dance. iKON is drawing all the more attention, as they are not one of those cookie-cutter idol boy groups confined to one or two genres.

2015. 12. 24.

Source: YG LIFE


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