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Please read all the requirements and guidelines below.
Overall Requirement: Knowledge about the YG Family. Not only BIGBANG itself, nor 2NE1 itself, nor LEE HI alone, etc. Must know AT LEAST all active artists.
Link for the application form can be found below, after the requirements and guidelines for each position.
Thank You!

If you’re Interested to be Part of YGFAMPH Fancafe ~ Please do follow the instruction below:

>  Fill out the membership form
>  Fill out the staff APPLICATION FORM 

Submission of Staff Application Form will be accepted from October 14 to October 21, 2015 only.


6 thoughts on “Hiring

  1. Glad that I’ve come across over your blog. I’m also a fan of YG. I guess there’s no need for me to Google 2NE1, WINNER, Bigbang, etc.,etc., for news everyday. I’ll just have to follow your blog. 🙂


    Also from the Philippines,

  2. Hi! I wanna ask regarding the Graphic Des. is it fine if I have other Fanclubs? 🙂 I mean, as a graphic designer of another Fanclub too? Hihii– Kamsa c:

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