[PROJECT] BIGBANG MADE US ONE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding the Fan Union Project for BIGBANG [MADE] in Manila:

>>> Is there a shipping fee for the orders?
– Yes. UPDATE: Please check http://new.xend.com.ph/rates/ for new rates.

>>> Is there a meet-up?
– Yes, first at Megamall on the 19th, second at MOA on the concert day.

>>> When are the payment deadlines?
– July 13 for pick-up on July 19 (Megamall)
– July 17 for those who chose shipping
– July 20 for pick-up on concert day

>>> Can we pay the downpayment first or should it be in full?
– For downpayment, it should be 50%. Until July 20 only.

>>> Can we include our donation when we pay our orders?
– Yes, of course. 🙂

>>> If I choose shipping, are the stickers and banners already included?
– UPDATE: Not yet. Everything will be claimed on the concert day.

>>> What if I won’t watch the concert? How will I get my order?
– Through shipping, of course. We will still try to deliver it to you before July ends.

>>> I want to get all banners! Pwede ba yun?
– Yes, basta magdo-donate ka rin sa lahat. But let’s give others a chance to have one. 🙂

>>> (Regarding the shirts for BB) I want the design for BB! Pwede ako rin?
– No, sorry. The design is only for them 🙂

>>> Pwede mamili ng banners pag umorder ng shirt?
– Pwede naman, basta mag-donate ka doon sa gusto mo. 🙂

>>> Bakit kailangan pa mag-donate para sa banners?
– Because the banners are limited. Mas masaya kung maraming mabibigyan. Mayroon pang naka-reserve para sayo.

>>> Paano namin makukuha yung order/banners kapag late nakarating sa July 30?
– Contact @shrnseyo, she can meet you inside. (Huwag lang sanang masyadong madaming ma-late, hehe)

>>> Saan po ang meet-up sa Megamall / MOA?
– Please wait for further announcements.

>>> Ano yung Stamp Project?
– It’s considered as a souvenir. If you want to avail, please tweet @kwonniee18.

>>> Ano yung sinasabing stamp na kasama sa Shirt Project?
– We will stamp/mark your hands with glow in the dark ink para glowing tayong lahat sa concert. :))

>>> Will there be a second batch?
– Yes, after the concert. Orders are also open to international VIPs.

* This will be updated from time to time.


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