BIGBANG [MADE] in Manila Donation Drive

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First of all, thank you PH VIPs for participating in our poll for our BIGBANG [MADE] PROJECT.




  • Every donation should be a minimum of P100. Proceeds will go to the following:
    1. Cake Project
      • To be presented along with the catering for Bigbang and the staff on the day of the concert
      • Note: this was the information given to us by Ms. Happee, we are not sure if it will be brought to the stage, and;
    2. Banner Project
      • To be voluntarily used in the concert
      • We will be giving them away at the concert day for FREE until stocks last!

* We have already canvassed the price for the cake (a fellow VIP will make it!), so the remaining amount will be for the banners. The more donations we get, the more banners we give away!
* We will also be releasing a financial statement of the donations and expenses we’re going to have for the project.

We are targeting the amount of Php 15,000.00 for YG Family PH Fan Cafe’s MADE BIGBANG Project.


  1. Choose your method of Donation
    Method of Donation:

    1. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI Savings Account)
    2. Metrobank
    3. Paypal
      • Currency: PHP (Philippine Peso)

    * We will update this if there will be more methods available.

  2. Fill out the donation form below


  3. Wait for a confirmation e-mail from YG Family PH Fan Cafe. The bank/paypal details will be sent with the confirmation e-mail.
  4. After you have received your confirmation e-mail and settled your donation, please do scan/take a picture of the deposit slip and send it to with the subject: [BB MADE DONATION] Last Name, First Name

LAST DAY of DONATION: July 15, 2015

Thank you very much for supporting us, PH VIPs! See you at the concert!

P.S. Our #FindaVIP Online Activity is still ONGOING!



8 thoughts on “BIGBANG [MADE] in Manila Donation Drive

  1. I hope you could atleast add LBC express for sending the contributions so more fans can cooperate with this project. 😀

    • Hi. Thanks for your concern, but we’re sorry because there is no available admin to handle LBC 😦 We only have BPI, Metrobank and Paypal. If you have an account, you can just do the transaction online 🙂

      UPDATE: We now include LBC in the donation method! 🙂

    • we will post the details before the concert. rest assured that you will have the banner (until stocks last). we will post the time and meeting place. please check out our fb page from time to time.

      UPDATE: Banners will be given to donors! Guaranteed! 🙂

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