Project Messagebook for 2NE1’s Fifth Anniversary

Are you ready for 2NE1’s AON Tour in Manila?

As we all wait for the BIG day, YG Family Philippines Fan Cafe will be preparing a project for 2NE1’s 5th Anniversary! It will be a MESSAGE + PHOTO BOOK that will include messages and pictures of YOU, Blackjacks and YG stans alike, showing how much you love 2NE1!

How to join:

1. In 21 WORDS, leave your message to 2NE1 as a group and/or to each member.
2. (optional) If you know and love how to DRESS or LOOK like 2NE1 or any of the members, submit us a photo of YOU and your message for the girls in 21 words.
3. Send all of your entries to, and include your full name and SNS account info (FB/Twitter/forum username/email). 

  • Subject: YGFPH AON Project

Submission of entries is until April 27 ONLY.

– Message can be for 2NE1 alone and/or CL/Dara/Minzy/Bom. Meaning, you can have an individual message for your bias aside from your message to the whole group.

– Please submit your RAW photos in JPEG format. It will be better if you will pose like 2NE1 in the photo. It will be fun if the girls recognize who were covering them, right?

– In the email, include your most unforgettable moment of 2NE1 (e.g. 2NE1 TV days, the first time you became a Blackjack, etc.) We might include this in the timeline that we are planning to put in the book.

Join us!

YG Stans, NOLZA!


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