[Exclusive] WINNER’s NAM TAEHYUN joined actor Park Shin-yang’s “Actor School


[일간스포츠=김진석 기자] WINNER’s NAM TAEHYUN takes acting lessons from actor Park Shin-yang.

A broadcasting insider said on the 24 to Daily Sports, “NAM TAEHYUN has confirmed his appearance in tvN’s ‘Actor School’.”

NAM TAEHYUN will get professional acting training from “veteran actor” Park Shin-yang and have an opportunity to grow into a better actor. NAM has had big interest in acting, performing as an actor in “Midnight Fantasy” and “Midnight Diner”, not just as a member of WINNER. Now, NAM begins a special training from Park Shin-yang, to present better acting. Other than NAM TAEHYUN, Jang Soo-won who is famous for his “robot acting” and Yoo Byung-jae will also appear in “Actor School”.

“Actor School” is a TV show in which stars who want to learn how to act engage in harsh acting training by Park Shin-yang. Idol singers, entertainers, actors and trainees of large entertainment agencies will take part in the project. It is already drawing a big attention among the public, as it is the first-ever TV show led by actor Park Shin-yang who is known to have outstanding wit.

Baek Seung-ryong who has displayed his excellent planning capabilities by directing tvN’s “Surplus Princess” and “Misaeng-Mul” will direct “Actor School”. It will be first aired in January, 2016.

2015. 12. 24.

Source: YG LIFE


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