Guidelines For YGFPH Shop

The YGFPH Shop is the section where you can buy our goods. Here, we sell shirts, lanyards, keychains and such that are personally designed for the fan café.

We have merchandise that are for pre-orders while some we have it on-hand.
From all the profit we earned, it will be used for the fan café’s benefit for events, projects and website maintenance.

Please be guided accordingly.


  • YGFPH Fan Café will not be responsible for any loss or damaged of the items and payments.
  • Items for now are in a pre-order basis, unless stated that it is on-stock.
  • Please complete the order form
  • Please wait for the confirmation email regarding of the order/s.
  • Once you have ordered and sent the form, it will be considered sold. NO CANCELLATION OF ORDERS.
  • Settle your payment within 4-7 days upon receiving the confirmation email.
  • NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE. So make sure that you put the correct size and quantity.
  • Items will only be shipped or be available for meet-ups once fully paid,


  • Only fill up the form if you’re 101% sure of buying.
  • We will send the confirmation email, once we have received the COMPLETE order form.
  • The payment and shipping/meet-up will be included in the confirmation email.


  • The email consists of the total amount of your purchase, payment and shipping/meet-up details.
  • We’ll post via Twitter and Facebook if we have sent all confirmation emails. So please wait for our posts.


  • GCASH – Just go to any Globe centers. There is a corresponding charge for the transaction that will be handled by the buyer.
  • BDO/BPI – Just go to any BDO/BPI branch,  fill up the deposit form and pay. Ask for the receipt (Sometimes you need to ask the receipt since other branches assumed you don’t need it anyway) and scan it.


  • The shipping fee MUST be shouldered by the buyer.
  •  Items will be shipped through XEND only. Which based on the weight of your total order and shipment location.
  •  As of the moment, we do not ship worldwide.
  • Meet-ups will be scheduled and announced.

For questions, either ask as via on Twitter or FB Page, comment below or send a message to us personally through the form below.


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