[YG LIFE] iKON’s records of success written for 100 days since their debut… How they have become “the monstrous rookie”


[뉴스1스타=이경남 기자] iKON is releasing their debut album 100 days after the release of their first song “MY TYPE”.

Beginning from debut warm-up single “MY TYPE”, iKON has run hard ceaselessly with debut half album “WELCOME BACK” and double digital single “APOLOGY” and “ANTHEM”. The team successfully made an “unprecedented debut” by taking No.1 on music charts in and out of the country and TV shows upon their debut. Here is the record of iKON who made a successful debut with exceptional records unprecedented for a rookie.

# Taking No.1 upon debut… Sweeping rookie awards

iKON, a team who heralded a new sensation in the music scene by showing off their talent and potential in survival audition show “WIN : WHO IS NEXT” (“WIN”) and “MIX & MATCH” before their debut.

Upon their debut with debut warm-up single “MY TYPE” released on September 15, iKON swept No.1 on the real-time, daily, and weekly music charts and earned a triple crown on Gaon chart. They also took No.1 on MBC “Show! Music Center” and “SBS INKIGAYO” for two weeks in a row, heralding the birth of a “monstrous rookie”. Plus, they made a grand, fancy first appearance in the music scene by holding a concert upon their debut in October at Olympic Gymnastics Arena, one of the biggest concert halls in Korea, which is a very exceptional case for a rookie.

iKON’s debut half album “WELCOME BACK” released then also took No.1 on major music charts, showing consistent popularity of iKON, which continued exceptionally long for a rookie, leading to the No.1 trophy in Mnet’s “M-Countdown” for “RHYTHM TA”. iKON dominated top places on charts again with double digital single “ANTHEM” and “APOLOGY” in November. Then, iKON took No.1 in SBS “INKIGAYO” for “APOLOGY”.

iKON has enjoyed big popularity, taking No.1 for every song they released. Then, they swept the rookie of the year awards in the 2015 Melon Music Awards and 2015 MAMA, to consolidate their status as the hottest rookie of the year.

# Enjoying enormous popularity not only in Korea but also throughout Asia

iKON swept not only domestic music chart with formidable power upon their debut, but also charts of other Asian countries including Japan and China, proving their popularity throughout Asia. iKON’s debut half album “WELCOME BACK” took No.1 on iTunes chart of as many as 11 countries, showing global interest in iKON.

iKON’s popularity in Japan and China was especially remarkable. iKON’s debut concert “SHOWTIME” held in October this year were visited by Japan’s major media outlets including Sports Hochi, Nikkan Sports, Sankei Sports, Sports Nippon, Chunichi Sports, and Daily Sports, drawing keen attention. With already-big interest in iKON in Japan, iKON will release their debut album in January next year, and will hold Arena tour in February next year in Japan, to continue with the iKON sensation in the country.

iKON is also drawing big popularity in China. On China’s biggest social media channel Weibo, “iKON” took No.1 on the real-time search word list as soon as the music of “WELCOME BACK” was released on-line. iKON also took top places on the main music chart of QQ Music, the biggest music-streaming website in China, showing a remarkable influence on charts, which is a very exceptional case for a K-pop rookie. The music videos of iKON’s double digital single “APOLOGY” and “ANTHEM” took No.1 and No.2 on QQ Music’s main music video chart and K-pop music video chart on the day of their release, drawing a big attention.

iKON who has already written such unbelievable record of success for their debut both in and out of the country, will release “iKON DEBUT FULL ALBUM ‘WELCOME BACK” with new songs such as “DUMB & DUMBER”, “WHAT’S WRONG?”, and “I MISS YOU SO BAD” on the 24 this month, the Christmas Eve, along with music videos. Plus, iKON will hold their second concert on January 30 and 31, next year, at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Olympic Park, Seoul, where they successfully held their debut concert on October 3 this year, to demonstrate passionate performances once again.

2015. 12. 23.

Source: YG LIFE


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