iKON unveils MV making-film of “WHAT’S WRONG?”… “A song that talks about conflict between lovers”


[OSEN=선미경 기자] Boy group iKON is drawing a big attention by unveiling a music video making-film that displays part of “WHAT’S WRONG?”, one of the title tracks of their debut full album.

Before the release of iKON’s new songs and music videos scheduled on December 24 at 0 o’clock, YG Entertainment unveiled the music video making-film of their new song “WHAT’S WRONG?” on NAVER TV CAST on the 23 at 9am.

Before that, iKON had unveiled the making-film that displays the behind story of the music video shooting and part of “DUMB & DUMBER”, the other title track of their full album, on the 22, drawing a keen attention for the special method of pre-promotion. Now that part and music video making-film of “WHAT’S WRONG?” have been unveiled following “DUMB & DUMBER”, fans who are looking forward to iKON’s new songs have received a special Christmas gift.

The making-video vividly shows the process of the production of “WHAT’S WRONG?”’s music video, as well as cheerful and playful iKON members at the shooting. With a variety of colors and eye-catching props, iKON members captivate the viewers in colorful costumes including zebra pattern, hot pink jacket, red shirt, etc.

In the making-film, iKON member JU-NE explains about “WHAT’S WRONG?”, saying, “It is a song that talks about conflict between lovers”. iKON’s leader B.I expressed his great passion for the music video while shooting the scene in which he is tied with ropes, “It hurts, but I’m okay because it is for a good music video”.

BOBBY who was shooting a scene on the roof of a car said, “It’s super fun. It feels like riding on an attraction in an amusement park”. The other iKON members created a cheerful and energetic atmosphere all the time, while monitoring the images they shot and bursting into laughter together, showing how good the mood at the shooting was”.

iKON’s “WHAT’S WRONG?” that was partially unveiled in the music video making-film is a song for which iKON’s member B.I took part in writing the melody and lyrics and another member BOBBY directly participated in writing the lyrics. It is a fast, powerful, and exciting rock music which is different from the other songs released by iKON so far. It was written by B.I by the time when iKON was almost finished with the preparation for the full album. Originally, iKON’s full album was supposed to have only one title track, but the plan was changed as soon as YANG HYUN SUK listened to the song. YANG decided to give two title tracks to iKON’s full album and to make “WHAT’S WRONG?” one of them. In addition, YANG expressed his strong will to shoot the music video for the song, even if the release of the full album is delayed by 10 days. While fans are expressing high expectations for the music video of “WHAT’S WRONG?”, the making-film is giving a hint on what the music video will be like.

Exposure of part of the song in a music video’s making-film even before the official release of the song is expression of confidence in the quality of the song. That is why people’s anticipation for the music and videos of “WHAT’s WRONG?” and “DUMB & DUMBER” to be released on the 24 this month, as well as performances of the new songs with powerful dance, is growing bigger and bigger.

Even though it has been only three months since iKON’s debut, they have enjoyed enormous popularity, sweeping No.1 on a variety of on-line music charts and TV music shows with “MY TYPE”, “RHYTHM TA”, and “APOLOGY”. As iKON also received the rookie of the year awards in the 2015 Melon Music Awards and 2015 MAMA, music fans’ focus is put on whether iKON will be the one to mark the grand finale of the year 2015 by taking No.1 on music charts with new songs once again.

iKON will communicate directly with fans in countdown-live to be broadcasted on NAVER V-APP tonight (November 23rd) at 11pm. The title of the countdown live is “KONY’S MAS”, which is the combination of “iKONIC” that refers to iKON’s fans and “CHRISTMAS”. As the title itself suggests, iKON members will have a meaningful communication with fans on the occasion of the release of their new album and music videos, having a special time with them, granting fans’ wishes during the live show. 

iKON will release full album “iKON DEBUT FULL ALBUM [WELCOME BACK]” with new songs including “DUMB & DUMBER”, “WHAT’S WRONG?”, and “I MISS YOU SO BAD”, on December 24, the Christmas Eve, along with music videos. On January 30 and 31 next year, iKON will hold concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena of Olympic Park in Seoul, where they held their debut concert on October 3 this year, to present passionate performances to fans once again.

2015. 12. 23.

Source: YG LIFE


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