iKON releases debut full album “WELCOME BACK” tonight at midnight… Another “PERFECT TYPE” for fans


[OSEN=선미경 기자] Boy group iKON is releasing their debut full album “WELCOME BACK” on the 23 at midnight.

iKON will unveil their first full album “WELCOME BACK” on the 24 at 0 o’clock on on-line music-streaming websites. The full album has total 11 songs, including the songs of the half album iKON released in October this year, as well as new songs.

Track No.1 is “DUMB & DUMBER” for which iKON’s member B.I took part in writing the melody and lyrics, and another member BOBBY took part in writing the lyrics. “DUMB & DUMBER” is one of the title tracks of iKON’s new full album. For track No.2 “WHAT’S WRONG?”, which is the other title track, iKON member B.I contributed to writing the melody and lyrics.

The two title songs are known to be fast and exciting ones with an intense beat, differently from the tender and slow songs such as “MY TYPE”, “RHYTHM TA”, and “APOLOGY” released by iKON so far.

Therefore, the new album is expected to fully display iKON’s new appeals. iKON members will also fully boast their dancing skills that they have practiced hard from the days of their training and through two survival auditions programs they appeared before their official debut.

Track No.3 is “I MISS YOU SO BAD” written by BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON and presented to iKON. Fans are very much anticipating the harmony created by G-DRAGON and iKON. Along with those two title tracks, the full album has total 11 songs including “RHYTHM TA”, “ANTHEM”, “APOLOGY”, “AIRPLANE”, “MY TYPE”, “TODAY”, and “WELCOME BACK” that have enjoyed great popularity this year, as well as the remix version of “RHYTHM TA”.

Plus, iKON is preparing for an unprecedented service for fans, which is countdown-live “KONY’S MAS” to be live-broadcasted on search engine NAVER’s V-APP from 11pm today.

Originally, YG was to release iKON’s debut full album on November 14, but then, YANG HYUN SUK came to listen to a new song written by B.I by the time when iKON was finishing the work on their full album. The song, “WHAT’S WRONG?”, became the second title track added to the original title and the music video for the song was also shot additionally; thus, the release of iKON’s new album was delayed to the 24 this month. It was not intentional, but the album came to be released on the Christmas day, so fans will be able to receive a special and meaningful Christmas gift.

2015. 12. 23.

Source: YG LIFE


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