[Exclusive] iKON is coming back in SBS “GAYO DAEJEON”… Unveiling performance of double title tracks of their full album for the first time


[일간스포츠=황미현 기자] Monstrous rookie idol group iKON is presenting their comeback performances for the first time on the stage of SBS “GAYO DAEJEON”.

According to insiders on the 23 this month, iKON will display the performance of “DUMB & DUMBER” and “WHAT’S WRONG?”, the double title tracks of their new full album “iKON DEBUT FULL ALBUM WELCOME BACK” for the first time in “GAYO DAEJEON” to be aired on the 27 this month.

The two songs to be unveiled on the 24, the Christmas Eve, are already drawing a big interest from music fans, so many people are also paying keen attention to “GAYO DAEJEON” where the first performances of iKON’s new title tracks will be unveiled.

Following the release of the making-film of “DUMB & DUMBER”’s music video on the 22 this month, music video making-film of “WHAT’S WRONG?” was unveiled on the 23 in the morning, partially exposing the song. Exposure of a song even before its official release is expression of YG and iKON’s confidence in the quality of the new songs.

The new songs partially exposed in the making-films greatly raised people’s anticipation for iKON’s full album, as “DUMB & DUMBER” and “WHAT’S WRONG?” are both fast and exciting songs with an intense beat, which are different from the songs released by iKON so far.


Notably, the making film of “DUMB & DUMBER” shows playful but powerful iKON members in pajamas. B.I introduced the song by saying, “It is a song that goes well with the Christmas holiday season. It will be a perfect song for parties”. 

iKON is expected to show perfect performances for the two title tracks with an intense beat, by presenting powerful dances. Beginning from “MY TYPE”, iKON has written unprecedented records during this year, sweeping music charts with all the songs they have released. The two songs to be unveiled for the first time in “GAYO DAEJEON” will be the secret arms to be newly unveiled by iKON after preparation for long years, to mark the grand finale of the year 2015.

iKON has run so hard ceaselessly during this year, releasing their debut warm-up single “MY TYPE”, debut half album “WELCOME BACK”, and double digital single “APOLOGY” and “ANTHEM”. iKON dominated No.1 on music charts in and out of the country and TV music shows upon their debut. Plus, iKON enjoyed big popularity not only in Korea, but also in Asian countries including Japan and China. iKON’s debut half album “WELCOME BACK” took No.1 on iTunes chart of 11 countries, proving global interest in iKON. In China, the music videos of iKON’s double digital single “APOLOGY” and “ANTHEM” took No.1 and No.2 on the global music video chart and K-pop music video chart of QQ Music on the day of their release.

Meanwhile, iKON will present passionate performances once again in their concert scheduled on January 30 and 31 next year at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, where they held their debut concert on October 3 this year.

2015. 12. 23.

Source: YG LIFE


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