[YG LIFE] [STARCAST] Music video making-film of iKON’s new song “DUMB & DUMBER” unveiled for the first time



On December 24, the Christmas Eve, iKON is coming back with their first full album “iKON DEBUT FULL ALBUM [WELCOME BACK]”!

Today, two days before the release of the full album, the music video making-film of “DUMB & DUMBER”, one of the title tracks of the album, prepared by iKON for fans is unveiled for the first time.

Just like the message of the song “DUMB & DUMBER” which proposes listeners to play like dumbs, the music video making-film displays iKON members who are fully enjoying the shooting. The making-film will make you even more look forward to iKON’s new album.

iKON’s full album “iKON DEBUT FULL ALBUM [WELCOME BACK]” that is already drawing keen attention for member B.I and BOBBY’s participation in writing the melody and lyrics. The making-film for the music video of the album’s title track “DUMB & DUMBER” is now being unveiled.

2015. 12. 22.

Source: YG LIFE


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