[YG LIFE] iKON unveiled track list of their full album… Track No.3 is the song written by GD


[OSEN=박소영 기자] The track list of iKON’s debut full album “WELCOME BACK” has been unveiled.

On December 22 at 10am, YG Entertainment unveiled the list of 11 tracks of iKON’s full album, in a poster titled “iKON – DEBUT FULL ALBUM WELCOME BACK TRACKLIST”, on the company’s official blog (http://www.yg-life.com).

Track No.1 is “DUMB & DUMBER”, one of the title tracks of iKON’s new full album, for which iKON member B.I took part in composition and lyrics and another member BOBBY directly participated in writing the lyrics. The second track is “WHAT’S WRONG?” – the other title track. For this song as well, member B.I took part in writing the melody and lyrics.

The two title tracks are known to be fast and exciting songs with a powerful and intense beat, which are different from the tender or slow songs iKON has released so far, such as “MY TYPE”, “RHYTHM TA”, and “APOLOGY”.

So, iKON’s new full album is drawing big expectations, as it is expected to demonstrate iKON’s new appeals. iKON members will fully display their talent in dance with the two new title tracks. iKON members have long practiced dance from the days of their training and through two survival audition shows they appeared before their debut.

Track No.3 is “I MISS YOU SO BAD” which was written by BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON and presented to iKON. Fans are already expressing high expectations to the song, looking forward to what harmony G-DRAGON and iKON will create together.

The new full album includes total 11 songs, including “RHYTHM TA”, “ANTHEM”, “APOLOGY”, “AIRPLANE”, “MY TYPE”, “TODAY”, and “WELCOME BACK” that have drawn big popularity so far, as well as the remix version of “RHYTHM TA”.

iKON’s debut album will be unveiled on the 24 this month.

2015. 12. 22.

Source: YG LIFE


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