[YG LIFE] From BIGBANG to iKON∙PSY… YG dominated music charts for the year 2015


[OSEN=선미경 기자] YG Entertainment’s musicians swept top places on music charts of the year 2015. From BIGBANG to PSY, half of No.1 places on music charts for this year have been taken by YG artists.

BIGBANG carried out their comeback project “MADE” from May this year and swept No.1 places on on-line music charts and monthly charts until August. Every song BIGBANG released, including “LOSER”, “BANG BANG BANG”, “SOBER”, and “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”, has dominated music charts, displaying BIGBANG’s big influence and power once again.

Following BIGBANG, YG’s rookie group iKON took No.1 on charts in September. They made their debut with debut warm-up single “MY TYPE” and established their presence in the music scene by sweeping music charts upon their debut and recording long-run hit, which is a very exceptional case for a rookie group.

Then, PSY who came back to the music scene on December 1 with his 7th full album took No.1 on on-line charts and weekly charts. In this December, the highest number of songs was released so it was not easy to stay in No.1 ranking on charts even for a day. However, PSY’s “DADDY” and “NAPAL BAJI” are recording long-run hits. As of December 22 at 10am, the music video of “DADDY” surpassed 70 million views. 

“A Little Girl” of Oh Hyuk from HIGHGRND, a label established by TABLO of YG Entertainment, is recording a big hit for a month as well. Considering the fact that TV dramas’ original sound tracks are excluded from monthly charts, PSY is highly likely to take No.1 on December’s monthly charts.

As such, YG has taken half of No.1 places on charts for this year, despite fierce competition between all those different songs. As iKON’s first full album will be released on the 24 and WINNER will come back in January next year, YG is expected to record even bigger success for the year 2016.

2015. 12. 22.

Source: YG LIFE


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