[YG LIFE] YG posted happy birthday image for BOBBY… Cute smile with his eyes


[OSEN=선미경 기자] YG Entertainment (“YG”) unveiled a happy birthday image for BOBBY whose birthday falls on December 21.

On the 21 this month at 0 o’clock, a happy birthday image for iKON’s BOBBY was posted under the title of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY”, on YG’s official blog (www.yg-life.com).

In the image, BOBBY is showing off his bubbly appeal in grey sleeveless shirt and ragged jeans. Notably, he is making a captivating smile with the eyes, holding a basketball on his side.

Fans are showing enthusiastic responses to the image, celebrating BOBBY’s birthday by saying, “BOBBY, happy birthday”, “I just love BOBBY’s smile!”, “I look forward to iKON’s new album”, etc.

BOBBY left a strong impression to fans by showing off his new appeal different from what he has shown in music shows so far, appearing in SBS TV’s “I Love Sunday – Running Man” show with B.I. The “Running Man” show in which BOBBY and B.I appeared was aired on the 20 and it was a special episode that featured collaboration between stars who are drawing big popularity these days and stars who drew big attention in “X-Man” ten years ago.

iKON, BOBBY’s team, will release their new songs in “iKON DEBUT FULL ALBUM” on December 24, the Christmas Eve. iKON is raising fans’ expectations by unveiling the teaser images of “WHAT’S WRONG?” and “DUMB & DUMBER”, the double title tracks for their new album, as well as “I MISS YOU SO BAD” which is a song written by G-DRAGON to be given to iKON. It is the first time for G-DRAGON to give his song to another artist in nine years.

2015. 12. 21.

Source: YG LIFE Blog


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