[YG LIFE] [TV talk talk] iKON appeared in “Running Man” show to give big fun to viewers… Successful first trial


[OSEN=선미경 기자]Boy group iKON was so successful in a variety TV show as well. They looked a little bit nervous at the beginning, but soon mingled perfectly with the show and successfully appealed to all the other cast members.

After their first-ever appearance in a TV show in JTBC’s “Mari and Me” show whose first episode was aired on the 15 this month, iKON gave their first trial to variety TV show by appearing in SBS “I Love Sunday – Running Man” aired on the 20. They were so nervous at the beginning so they went to the shooting after taking some pills to calm down, but they boasted perfect rap and dance soon after.

B.I and KIM JIN HWAN who appear in “Mari and Me” hinted on their lovely “chemistry” with their pets. The two who always say they “really love dogs” looked somewhat whimsy and clumsy, but such characters different from iKON’s charisma shown the stage won the hearts and minds of viewers.

In “Running Man” show, iKON boasted their straightforward and romantic characters. At the shooting of the “Running Man” show that featured collaboration between “Running Man” and “X-Man”, BOBBY and B.I said hello with a trembling and small voice at first, but they soon began to draw a big attention in games.

Notably, B.I showed off his outstanding wit by beating Stephanie in “Of Course” game. To Stephanie who said she did not know who B.I was, B.I threw a powerful fast ball by saying, “You know I don’t know who you are, too?” Then, Stephanie said she had an English name and B.I responded, “I’ve never been in the States”, making viewers burst into laughter. Every word spoken by B.I without any distinctive facial expression proved the wit of B.I who dreams to be the next super-star of TV shows.

Plus, in a game done to pick a teammate, iKON boasted his appeals with dance and rap he wrote by himself. B.I captivated the hearts and minds of the women cast at the shooting with his charismatic and fancy dance. He appealed to Song Ji-hyo by displaying a professional dance, not making jokes as he did in the “Of Course” game. BOBBY won the heart of Kim Ji-min with rap he wrote by himself. The sweet and romantic lyrics of the rap touched Kim Ji-min, and the following dance by BOBBY caught everyone’s eyes.

iKON’s innocent, witty, and romantic appeals were successfully displayed in their first TV shows. Notably, many fans express their high expectations for the drama that KIM JIN HWAN and B.I will create with their pets in “Marie & Me” show. Those TV shows are helping iKON to consolidate their presence in the music scene, as well as to make the name of each member more widely known among the public. Plus, BOBBY and B.I will appear in KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3” show, to reveal new appeals different from what they showed in “Running Man”.

2015. 12. 21.

Source: YG LIFE


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