[YG LIFE] [Review is] BOBBY∙B.I, the “perfect type” for women in “Running Man” show


[일간스포츠=황미현 기자]Group iKON’s BOBBY and B.I captivated the women in SBS “I Love Sunday – Running Man” show.

BOBBY and B.I showed off their full talent by appearing in their first-ever variety TV show of a public broadcasting network, “Running Man” on the 20 this month.

The two looked somewhat nervous at the beginning, but they soon mingled well with the show. In the talent show session, the two boasted their perfect dance for which they practiced a lot, fascinating the hearts and minds of women cast members.

The show’s MC Yoo Jae-suk was captivated by B.I’s dance as well. Their tender but disciplined dance was quite catchy, so not only Yoo Jae-suk but also Gary tried to do the dance. B.I appealed to Song Ji-hyo, to team up with her.

Then, BOBBY captivated the heart of comedian Kim Ji-min with his rap, saying, “I have long been a fan of yours”. BOBBY said, “You’re older than me but I’ll not consider you so”, and Kim Ji-min did not hesitate to pick BOBBY as her teammate, seeing BOBBY’s bold appeal.

In an interview on the occasion of the release of iKON’s double digital single “APOLOGY” and “ANTHEM”, BOBBY picked “Running Man” as the variety TV show he wants to appear in. Just as he hoped, BOBBY appeared in “Running Man” show and he showed off his talent perfect for a TV show, heating up the atmosphere at the shooting.

The second part of “Running Man” show’s episode in which the two appear will be aired on the 27.

2015. 12. 21.

Source: YG LIFE


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