[YG LIFE] [People is] After Hearing PSY Say “Shall we dance?” 100 Fellow Musicians Danced Together


[일간스포츠=박현택 기자] The ending of Inkigayo made everyone smile.

On SBS’s Inkigayo that aired on December 20, “DADDY” – one of the title tracks of PSY’s seventh album – took the No.1 spot for two weeks in a row. When PSY was doing an encore, something unusual happened and made everyone smile.

After being announced as the winner, PSY shared the honor with his fellow musicians by saying, “Everyone did their best today and I’d like to thank you all.” Just before the chorus part of “DADDY” started, PSY turned around and asked “Do you guys know this dance? Shall we?”

So around 100 singers including those from EXO, BTS, and Nine Muses danced to PSY’s “DADDY”. Global star PSY brought them all together regardless of which label they were on and made them forget the fierce competition, and they all danced to the song to congratulate him.

PSY’s end-of-the-year concert titled “ALL NIGHT STAND 2015 – GOD PSY OF PERFORMANCES” will be held at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium from December 24 to 26, and the concert on Christmas day will be broadcasted live on V App.

Meanwhile, PSY, EXO, BTS, Nine Muses, B.A.P, Lovelyz, Rania, Laboum, Halo, UP10TION, April, Romeo, Purfles, Royal Pirates, M.A.P6, Snuper, Park Si-hwan, and Road Boyz appeared on Inkigayo on December 20.

2015. 12. 20.

Source: YG LIFE


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