[YG LIFE] [Oh!SEN Focus] YG’s social contribution incomparable to others, the way of repaying for big popularity of YG artists


[OSEN=표재민 기자]YG Entertainment held a Christmas season concert for children and teenagers from families in crisis, continuing with their “incomparable” social contribution. YG is fulfilling its responsibility as a leading entertainment company that has a big influence in the pop culture scene, by generously contributing big money for charity as well as by practicing sharing, voluntary service, and financial donations regularly.

YG Entertainment appointed SEAN, a YG artist called “donation angel” as the registered director in July this year and assigned MUJU YG Foundation, YG’s non-profit foundation, to him. YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK established MUJU YG Foundation in May this year, in celebration of the 18th anniversary of YG’s foundation, for the purpose of helping children and teenagers from families in crisis. YANG donated 1 billion won from his personal fortune to the foundation.

YANG had consistently made donations from even before the establishment of the foundation, to give back to society for big popularity of YG artists. He donated 500 million won to help the families of the victims of the tragic April 16 ferry accident. He also donated 100 million won to help the victims of the Nepalese great earthquake. The news of YANG’s big donations is not surprising to the public any more, as YANG has consistently given back to society for great love for YG artists, by practicing sharing, donations, and voluntary service.

YANG has always practiced voluntary work with YG singers, and he has always expressed his resolution for regular social contribution and practiced contribution through activities of the foundation. In fact, YANG’s ideas for social contribution go beyond YG, but he actually has a big plan to spread the culture of donation to the entire pop culture scene in Korea. In the past, YANG once said to OSEN, “Most of the fans of YG artists are teenagers. YG has the responsibility to give back to their love and support for us. Most of all, I hope children who got help from MUJU YG Foundation will share with others when they grow up”.

That is why YANG designated SEAN who has a beautiful nickname of “the one who does donations as his job” as the director of MUJU YG Foundation. Notably, the foundation has been doing its best to spread the culture of donation by carrying out systematic social contribution projects. YG is famous for its well-structured system of nurturing every artist into a big star, as it has been the case for BIGBANG, 2NE1, WINNER, iKON, etc. YG is applying that kind of system to its systematic and heartfelt social contribution activities as well, better fulfilling their corporate social responsibility.

Meanwhile, YG held a “Healing Concert” for children and teenagers from families in crisis, on the 18 this month. In that concert, those children and teenagers performed songs they wrote by themselves on the stage, to talk about their stories about their growth in the form of music. The performances gave meaningful opportunities to those children to communicate with and restore their relationship with their community.

2015. 12. 21.

Source: YG LIFE


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