[YG LIFE] CL & Harin took their “first sister photography”… “Became even closer even though having lived separately for 10 years”


[스포츠조선=이유나 기자]2NE1’s CL and her younger sister Harin took magazine photography together. The photography has been released in the January, 2016, issue of “W Korea” magazine. At the shooting for the photography, CL and Harin tried a variety of different dresses made of lace, velvet, satin, etc., to create dramatic looks and perfectly express the “witch” concept of the photography.

In an interview that followed the photo-shooting, CL said, “I really wanted to do this photo-shooting, as I thought it would be a good memory with my younger sister. I was worried at first as this was the first-ever photo-shooting for my sister, but I think she really enjoyed it and she looks good in the photos. Even though we have been separated for the past 10 years from the days when we were middle school students because of my work and her study abroad, I think we have come to miss each other even more”.


To a question that CL seems to be finding out the best style for her for the recent few years, CL answered, “I think I have grown in front of cameras. I always enjoy the process of studying and exploring myself”. 


CL also talked about the meaning of “Hello Bitches”, a song for CL’s pre-promotion, as well as what she thinks about her solo debut in the States and what she has been doing recently. The photography that reveals new appeals of the sisters of CL and Harin and the interview are available in the January, 2016, issue of “W Korea” magazine published on December 20 and on the magazine’s official website “WKOREA.COM”.

2015. 12. 21.

Source: YG LIFE


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