[YG LIFE NEWS] 2015NOV18 Rediscovery of iKON’s leader, B.I

[스포츠월드=윤기백 기자] It was a kind of unexpected discovery. Group iKON’s leader B.I demonstrated his sincere attitude, not getting embarrassed by even sensitive questions about doubts over hoarding of iKON’s music on music-streaming websites or people’s comparison between iKON and WINNER. While giving honest answer to each question, B.I left a deep impression with his humble attitude, which was a kind of mismatch with the title of “monstrous rookie” for iKON.

On November 17 in the afternoon, iKON had a round interview about the release of double digital single “APOLOGY” and “ANTHEM”, at a café located in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. All the seven iKON members including leader B.I, BOBBY, JU-NE, JUNG CHANWOO, SONG YUNHYEONG, KIM DONGHYUK, and KIM JINHWAN attended the round interview.

When asked about “APOLOGY”’s No.1 on music charts, B.I said, “We’ve released total three albums from ‘MY TYPE’ and we’ve never anticipated high rankings on charts from the very beginning. Our only wish was that many people listen to our music. I really didn’t expect “APOLOGY” would take No.1 on charts. We’re just hoping that it will produce some good result”. 

“These days, I feel wonder and feel new about every single day. I’m really grateful that we can stand on the stage and many people listen to our music. They say that we’ve become popular, but as we stay in training room most of the times, I haven’t actually felt that directly. I’m just grateful for this moment”.

To a question that iKON’s new songs strongly feel like BIGBANG’s music, B.I answered, “BIGBANG has already gained great success for their music in diverse genres. We need to get more experiences and get more seasoned, to perfectly avoid any overlapping with what BIGBANG has already done. If our music is compared with BIGBANG’s music continuously, I think we’ll have to make more efforts to go to a different way from BIGBANG’s music. If we make efforts to find out our own unique musical color in such a way, I believe that we’ll become a good artist someday”.

Regarding YANG HYUN SUK, a big senior artist in Korea’s music scene and the head of YG Entertainment, B.I said, “He is a very strict person. He barely gives us good feedback. I think that is to prevent us from getting complacent. That is why he gives us more advice and harsh comments rather than nice words”. “For music and choreography, he usually says that it’s too ‘boring’. He pursues perfection. But he always says the right things, so we get more inspired and motivated”, added he.

To a question whether there aren’t too many restrictions on their private lives put by the label, B.I wittily answered, “I don’t feel restricted. My live is freer than what you may think. When time passes and iKON gets more experienced, I think I will be freer. I have no complaint about the (tacit) ban on having a girlfriend. It’s just I’m longing for the day (when I will have a girlfriend)”. 

In the round interview on the day, some sensitive questions were asked. All those questions were given to leader B.I, but B.I was never embarrassed. B.I left a strong impression by giving his answers so carefully, after thinking about his own answers with prudence. To a question whether iKON could be this successful if it were not for iKON’s label YG, B.I answered, “It’s true that we got great support from YG. We’re doing our best to live up to the company’s expectations for us, as we received such help. But, I believe that we should create good outcome on our own someday, so all the iKON members are working very hard”.

For a question about the competition between iKON and another YG idol boy group WINNER, B.I said, “Because the two teams have different colors, I don’t think the two teams are competitors. We haven’t seen each other that much recently because each of us is so busy with respective schedules. Still, we have exchanges in term of music and we’re still close friends as we have always been”. To a question about whether iKON felt any burden because of the big popularity they gained upon their debut, B.I said, “It would be a lie if I say that I don’t feel any burden. However, if we get overwhelmed by the burden, that will be no good for us. We try to have positive mindset and keep growing up. Our mission is to create good music”.

Notably, regarding suspicions over hoarding of iKON’s music on music-streaming websites, B.I expressed his opinion, “It’ll be a lie if I say I don’t care about those suspicions. If such suspicions were true, it would have hurt me, but as those are not true, I try not to care about them. Rather, I got more resolved to demonstrate iKON’s true talent and capabilities, thinking ‘I can show what I really have in the next album’, or ‘We can show people what we’re really good at’”.

To a question that today’s success cannot be guaranteed for tomorrow, B.I said, “That is true of course. We might experience a total failure someday. I have realized such fact from the days as a trainee, and all the other members are also well aware of that. Artistic growth as a musician is of course important, but we try to take a careful approach to everything we do. We do everything with a great care and prudence, so that we’re not involved in anything bad”.

At the end of the interview, B.I talked about iKON’s bigger goals, “We really hope we will perform on big and famous stages someday, but for now, we’re so satisfied with just standing on the stage. I wish we can perform in front of many people. Plus, we want to become a long-lived singer, rather than just becoming famous”. Meanwhile, iKON is now working on their new songs to be included in their full album that will be released on December 14.

2015. 11. 18.

Source: YG Life Blog


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