[YG LIFE NEWS] 2015NOV17 D-4 until the Comeback on 21:00 November 21. Will it be LEE HI or 2NE1?

[TV리포트=김예나 기자] It’s D-4 until the comeback. YG Entertainment has announced that one of its artists will be releasing a new single. First, YG only announced the time and the date. Now, they have posted random alphabet letters implying the name of the artist or the title of the song.

On November 17, YG Entertainment gave another hint on who will be making a comeback at 21:00 on November 21. Before, people thought that 2NE1 is the one making a comeback because of the two 21s. Now, LEE HI has become the most likely candidate.

This is because YANG HYUN SUK, G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, CL, DARA posted random letters on their Instagram page. YANG HYUN SUK put up letters “E” and “H” alongside “WHOSNEXT”, “YG”, and “20151121”. G-DRAGON posted an “O” and an “I”, TAEYANG an “L” and a “B”, CL a “C”, an “L”, and the “+” sign, and DARA an “E” and an “S” on their page.

The alphabet letters make no sense and are puzzling the fans. But, some say that they have solved the puzzle: If you combine the letters, they become “LEEHI IS COMEBACK”.

But still, the meaning of “+” is unclear. If LEE HI is the one making a comeback, the “+” sign might imply that she is doing a collaboration or is featuring on another artist’s single.

Some argue that “+” replaces the “T” in CL’s solo single released in the US “HELLO BITCHES”, and that is why CL uploaded the “+” sign.

YG has not made an official statement regarding this matter and requested that the fans wait until 21:00 on November 21.

2015. 11. 17.

Source: YG Life News


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