[YG LIFE] SUA Wins Unexpected Victory over Yubin on Unpretty Rapstar 2


[TV리포트=문지연 기자] SUA beat Yubin and made it to the finals of Unpretty Rapstar 2.

On the last episode of Unpretty Rapstar 2 aired on November 13, Yezi was pitted againstTruedy and SUA against Yubin in the semi finals. The winner will get the chance to perform with Gummi for the last track of the Unpretty Rapstar 2 album.

Before the voting began, SUA said, “’I’ve read a lot of hateful comments about me. When I read them and I think to myself ‘What am I doing here?’ I just want people to know who I am, the real me.”

Yubin said, “I would not have been able to do these kinds of performances if it weren’t for Unpretty Rapstar. I am in a group and it wasn’t easy for me to perform on the stage alone. But I’ve always wanted to do this and I am so happy.”

The votes were counted and the winner was SUA with 179 votes. Yubin got 87 votes. SUA beat Yubin by 92 votes.

She said, “I didn’t think I would win. Thank you so much.” Yubin said, “This is not the end. This is just the end of a show for me. I wanted to show you an incredible performance but I didn’t memorize the lyrics well enough. Sorry if I disappointed you. Thank you to 87 people who have voted for me.”

2015. 11. 13.

Source: YG LIFE


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