[YG LIFE] D-2 until their Comeback, iKON Releases a Top-class Teaser Poster Featuring BOBBY


[OSEN=박소영 기자] A teaser poster featuring iKON’s BOBBY was released.

At 9 AM on November 14, YG Entertainment posted the sixth teaser poster of iKON’s new digital single “APOLOGY” on its official blog.

In the teaser poster, BOBBY looks forlorn. The poster also features the lyrics of “APOLOGY” – “I hope the times we had spent together are as short and beautiful as the sunset.” – and this also creates a sad atmosphere. The teaser poster raises the fans’ expectations for iKON’s new single.

Starting with the teaser poster of B.I released on November 12, the teaser posters of JU-NE, KIM JINHWAN, JUNG CHANWOO, KIM DONGHYUK, and BOBBY have been released. The teaser posters of the rest of the members will come out before the release of iKON’s new single on November 16.

“APOLOGY” is a slow R&B song expressing the sad feelings of a man who is leaving his lover against his will. B.I and BOBBY participated in writing the lyrics, and YG’s top producers TEDDY and KUSH participated in making the song’s music and lyrics and also its arrangement.

Expectations are running higher now that it is announced that their new single is a slow R&B song, which is a new genre for iKON. iKON’s previous singles were all hiphop songs: “MY TYPE” is a medium tempo hiphop song and “RHYTHM TA” is a hiphop song with a powerful beat.

B.I and BOBBY’s duet single “ANTHEM” will also be released as the subtitle song. Expectations are running high for the two new singles of iKON as they will be showing totally different sides of iKON.

“ANTHEM” and “APOLOGY” will be released along with the MVs at 12 AM on November 16. iKON’s debut full album will be released on December 14.

2015. 11. 14.

Source: YG LIFE


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