How was DARA turned into Miss Korea? Behind photos are released


– With drama series “Missing Korea” finished, DARA’s talented acting of “comedy-romance-sorrow” is recognized once again!

– DARA said, “Grateful for this drama series for giving me an opportunity to have valuable experience and grow further as an actress”

Behind cuts that capture the process of DARA’s transformation into a Miss Korea have been unveiled, to draw a big attention.

Drama series “Missing Korea” (written by Kim Yeong-Eon and Gwon Sang-Hee, directed by Min Doo-Sik, produced by Partner K) was finished on the 12. The series humorously depicted happenings for North Korea’s female workers of the Gaesung Industrial Complex who are mistakenly regarded as Miss North Koreas. DARA who drew attention for her acting of the character of Miss North Korea “Lee Yeon-Hwa” released behind photos that capture the process of her being turned into a Miss Korea.

One of the photos shows the back of DARA wearing hair roles to make her hair luxuriant and full of volume. Other photos are showing the process of DARA putting on colorful makeup and wearing a tiara. DARA’s beautiful face and figure like that of a real Miss Korea are catching the eyes. Her beauty that cannot be hidden by the blue working clothes also catches the eyes.

DARA showed natural acting of a North Korean soldier-turned-factory worker, perfectly speaking the dialect of Gaesung, a city in North Korea. Plus, her acting of romance with a South Korean man acted by Kim Jeong-Hoon touched the hearts of viewers, making the wide spectrum of her acting be highly recognized.

Notably, in the last episode, DARA stood on the stage as a Miss North Korea and said with tears, “Now we cannot see each other until the two Koreas are reunited. I’ll keep this good memory forever.” The scene touched the hearts of many viewers.

With the drama series’ finale, DARA said, “It was a really good opportunity for me to act for this special drama series about a joint Miss South and North Korea contest. I don’t think I will be able to act this kind of special charter ever again. I had some difficulties in shooting, but I could learn and experience a lot from this series. I think I grew up thanks to ‘Missing Korea’.” She went on to say, “I really thank the director and staff, as well as college actors and actresses. Also, I’m really grateful for all the viewers.”

Drama series “Missing Korea” was aired in six episodes on NAVER TV CAST from the 3 to 12 this month. All the episodes will be aired together on the 14 (Sun.) from 1am, on KBS 1TV. “Missing Korea” is drawing big attention overseas as well, with 12 countries including China, Japan, the United States, some South American countries, and Russia confirming or negotiating for the broadcasting of the series.

Source: YG


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