[ARTICLE] Yang Hyun Suk Meets With Mnet To Discuss Big Bang And iKON 2015 MAMA Attendance


As with most music awards shows, the most exciting part is often the performances.

So when no currently promoting YG Entertainment artists were confirmed as appearing at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2015 MAMA), it was definitely a cause for concern.

Perhaps those doubts will soon be quelled as YG Entertainment president Yang Hyun Suk was confirmed to have met with Mnet representatives regarding the upcoming 2015 MAMA Awards. Specifically, the meeting was to discuss the possibility of Big Bang and iKON attending the event.

The concern about YG Entertainment artists attending the 2015 MAMA Awards began last month when a YG Entertainment representative confirmed that no groups from the label had been contacted to make an appearance.

“None of the YG artists, including Big Bang, have received an official offer. Though we need a heads up two months before the event in order to organize a stage, our hands are tied for now,” said the YG representative (via Soompi).

The YG official went on further to explain that now that they have had no time for scheduling, it is uncertain whether any artists can make the event.

“At this point, we’re unsure of our participation. We’re a little taken aback at how any talk of participation or stage organization hasn’t surfaced at all,” explained the YG rep.

According to Soompi, no developments from the meeting have been announced as YG Entertainment is still uncertain with schedules for Big Bang and iKON. Meanwhile, Mnet has cautioned fans to wait for the second round of announcements.

Hopefully the meeting between the companies yields a positive result for fans of Big Bang and iKON.



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