[ARTICLE] CL’s Solo Album Anticipated Ahead Of Rumored 2NE1 Comeback

Despite some heavy speculation that 2NE1 would be the next YG Entertainment act to make a comeback, signs now point to the long-awaited solo album from CL (Lee Chaerin).

Fans online are sifting through clues, rumors and supposed “insider” information to determine if the other members of 2NE1 have taken a step back to let their leader shine.

Recently, YG entertainment released a familiar teaser image that stated, “Who’s next? 11/21 21:00.” This fueled rumors of a 2NE1 comeback, with proponents arguing that the “21” in both the date and the time were obvious clues. However, other information now seems to suggest that CL alone will return.

According Sports DongA, an insider revealed CL finished her album preparations early and is currently working on preparing her comeback stage.

Additionally, at a press conference back in October, YG Entertainment chief Yang Hyun Suk told reporters, “First, we are focusing on CL. You will hear positive news about her soon. We will think about a 2NE1 comeback after CL finishes her solo promotions.”

CL has been preparing for a US debut since last year, working closely with famous U.S. DJ Diplo, with whom she released the song “Doctor Pepper” in May.

In recent months the self-proclaimed “Baddest Female” in K-pop has been featured in several major music publications, including Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Fuse.

The other members of 2NE1 have been on hiatus since their previous album, Crush, was released in February 2014. Dara (Sandara Park) is currently focusing on acting and Minzy (Gong Minji) opened her own dance academy in Seoul in October. Park Bom has been in reflection ever since her drug scandal in summer 2014.



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