[YG LIFE] What we expect for PSY’s comeback in December [PSY Is Back ①]


[OSEN=선미경 기자] Singer PSY finally comes back.

PSY will come back with a new album on the 1 next month. The new album will be released three years and five months after “Gangnam Style” that gave him the fame as a world-famous singer. As he has been absent from the music scene for a long period of time, fans were playing keen attention to when he will come back. Fans are also looking forward to what new style of music he will present this time.

What the public wants the most for him is “PSY music”. PSY has created a unique genre in Korea’s music scene. It is not just hip-hop, ballad, or disco, but a very special genre of PSY’s flagship style. His songs including “Bird”, “Champion”, “Gangnam Style”, “Gentleman”, and “HANGOVER” all have PSY’s unique playfulness.

The performance and music that seems to be right only for PSY create a big energy on the stage. “Gangnam Style”s comical horse riding dance and funny lyrics created perfect harmony, to bring “PSY music” to its climax.

PSY raised fans’ expectations for his comeback at his concert held at the end of last year, saying, “I’ll come back with a new album made in my original style”. As he promised to fans, PSY is soon to come back with a new album. The focus of fans’ interest is put on how PSY will revive his original style.

People are also paying attention to what kind of world records will be written by this “world-star” this time. PSY stood under a global spotlight with “Gangnam Style” and drew worldwide popularity with “Gentleman” and “HANGOVER”. Notably, “Gangnam Style” stayed in the second place in Billboard singles chart for seven weeks in a row and surpassed 2,443,300,000 views on YouTube, to put PSY’s name in the Guinness Book. As such, “Gangnam Style” recorded an unprecedented worldwide hit, which has never been the case for any Korean song.

Then, “Gentleman” took the fifth place on Billboard singles chart and recorded 889,000,000 views on YouTube. With such record, PSY created sensation on the global pop music market twice. Since PSY’s music already enjoyed big popularity among the world’s pop music fans, people are paying keen attention to what new records will be set by his new album.

PSY who has stood under a big spotlight not only in Korea but also on the global stage. His comeback is expected to further excite the music in the end-of-year holiday season.

2015. 11. 3.

Source: YG LIFE


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