[YG LIFE] [Oh!SEN] Very special loyalty between BIGBANG and YG


[OSEN=선미경 기자] Who could ever imagine YG without BIGBANG and BIGBANG without YG? Korea’s top idol boy group BIGBANG renewed their contract with YG Entertainment on the 2 this month, leaving a special and good precedent in Korea’s music scene. The biggest reason why BIGBANG decided to go with the label with which they have been working together for the 10 years since their debut once again was the “trust” between the two parties.

Considering the time BIGBANG was trained at YG, BIGBANG has built their musical career with YG from even before their debut. In the process of little boy Ji-Yong turning himself into world-famous musician G-DRAGON, YG spared no support. Thanks to such solid support from YG, BIGBANG could concentrate only on their music and grow into an artist recognized on the global stage.

BIGBANG renewed their contract with YG for the second time, following the first renewal in 2011. Unlike some other idol boy groups who bring up issues with conflict or disagreement against their label, BIGBANG selected YG as their label once again, based on an unshakable trust. That is a very unusual case in the entertainment world, so BIGBANG and YG are leaving a good legacy in Korea’s music scene by renewing their contract without any disagreements.

It seems that the loyalty and trust between the two parties played the most important role in the renewal of contract between BIGBANG and YG. YG’s head YANG HYUN SUK is like BIGBANG’s father, who recruited BIGBANG members and nurtured them into super stars as they are now. So, BIGBANG members also have big trust and loyalty in YANG and that seems to have also played a significant role in making them decide to go with YG further.

2015. 11. 4.

Source: YG LIFE


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