[YG LIFE] [Music Talk Talk] BOBBY & B.I, even TEDDY? That is cheating


[OSEN=정준화 기자] Well, this is a cheating. YG’s hottest content creators are all put in only one song. A new song created by iKON’s leader B.I, monstrous rapper BOBBY, and YG’s hit-maker TEDDY together will be unveiled. Music fans’ expectations for such powerful “chemistry” are growing fast.

It was truly a surprising and welcome news. The teaser image that YG Entertainment posted on YG LIFE, the official blog of YG, had such “good news”, which is, BOBBY and B.I will work together for “ANTHEM”, one of iKON’s new songs to be released on the 16 this month. Plus, the news that the two not only sang for the song but also took part in writing the lyrics and melody of the song was enough to be welcomed by fans.

Plus, the new that YG Entertainment’s star producer TEDDY and CHOICE37 arranged the song further raised fans’ expectations. TEDDY is a producer who has an outstanding talent. He has created numerous hits, playing a significant role in the growth of BIGBANG and 2NE1. Notably, as it is the first time for him to take part in iKON’s music, fans’ expectations and interest in the song are growing even higher.

The harmony to be created by iKON’s rappers BOBBY and B.I is also drawing a lot of attention. The two already displayed their full potential and appeals in Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 3”, to enjoy big popularity. Then, in “MIX & MATCH” show, the two led each one’s team, to grow into iKON’s top artists. B.I has a fascinating flow and voice color, as well as talent in writing songs. BOBBY is so-called “monstrous rookie” who beat outstanding rappers in “Show Me the Money 3” to become the winner. The “chemistry” to be shown by these two promising rookie artists is drawing a big attention.

Of course, the vocal of KIM JINHWAN, KU JU-NE, KIM DONGHYUK, and JUNG CHANWOO is also great. They have built their capability so hard, going through harsh survival auditions and training at YG. Nevertheless, people are having higher expectations for the two rappers of iKON, as iKON is a crew who has its artistic root on hip-hop.

The two’s new song “ANTHEM” is expected to give a bigger momentum to iKON’s successful debut. The debut of the team has not been completed yet. Starting from single “MY TYPE” released on the 15 last month, iKON is continuing with their debut plan by releasing half album with “RHYTHM TA” and “AIRPLANE” on the 1 this month. On the 16 this month, two digital singles and two music videos will be released and the debut album will be completed on December 14. The two new singles to be released on the 16 are expected to give a stronger momentum to iKON’s debut project that is already going on successfully.

iKON will try new concepts in terms of style, as well. They are currently working hard on new stage setting and style, to present a whole new style. They even changed the team of stylists for them, to present a new style. Music fans are now paying keen attention to what kind of new appeal the team will present to the public, following the tender ballad “MY TYPE” and intense hip-hop “RHYTHM TA”.

2015. 11. 5.

Source: YG LIFE


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