[YG LIFE] From PSY to WINNER, YG’s success will “continue until the end of the year”


[일간스포츠=엄동진 기자] It could be called crazy. YG hinted on their continuing rush for the end-of-year holiday season, continuing with their already outstanding success.

On the 4, YG posted a “WHO’S NEXT” image after a long-time absence of such message. It is YG’s unique method of promotion for the comeback of its artists. In such way, YG hinted on the comeback of another YG singer on November 21. Except for PSY, BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON whose comeback schedule has already been confirmed, 2NE1 or LEE HI may be the one to come back on November 21. YG fans are now speculating on who the artist will be.

If all those above-mentioned YG singers actually come back in the second half, the last two months of the year 2015 will totally be a YG season.

BIGBANG already dominated the music scene with their “MADE” series, and iKON, a team called the future of YG, took No.1 upon their debut, living up to high expectations.

PSY will knock the global pop music market again after his long and hard work on his new album and WINNER is also preparing for their “perfect comeback”, shooting album jacket photography in London and a music video in Sweden. If 2NE1 or LEE HI who usually show good records on music charts comes back, the end-of-year holiday season will be a perfect “YG season”.

A music industry insider said, “Listed companies usually put out most popular stars when the end of the year approaches, to make their performance on the stock market look better, but I don’t think that is the case for YG. They have a lot of artists and those artists are writing good songs in a row, so some of them may come back at the same time”.

2015. 11. 4.

Source: YG LIFE


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