[YG LIFE] YG Foods CEO Noh Hee-young says, “We will open a restaurant in Thailand in June next year”


[연합뉴스=오예진 기자] On November 3, YG Foods CEO Noh Hee-young announced, “We are planning to open a Samgeori restaurant, the most representative brand of YG Foods, at Show DC.” Show DC is a large shopping complex that will open in Bangkok on June 1 next year.

At a luncheon meeting held on November 3, he said, “First, we will open a Samgeori restaurant/pub. Then, we will open cosmetic and clothing stores so that we have stores that represent all the elements of the Korean culture at Show DC.”

According to Noh Hee-young, four investment companies in the great China region, including the Show DC Group of Thailand, raised capital to build 10 K-culture towns in Southeast Asia.

YG Foods invested a total of 1 trillion won into this project. The company will open a Samgeori restaurant/pub and then consider launching a Moonshot (YG’s cosmetic brand) store and a clothing store.

Also, YG Foods is providing consulting services to the investors including the Show DC Group about building a K-culture town at Show DC. They give advices on the overall concept, product line, and promotion strategies.

Noh Hee-young noted, “Currently, we are discussing the terms and conditions for opening stores and when we reach a final decision to open the stores, we will develop Show DC into a multi K-culture town.”

Not only YG Entertainment but also SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are showing interest in investing in Show DC.

Noh Hee-young also announced that YG Foods will be opening Samgeori restaurant/pubs, the areas of which will add up to 1,652.9 square meters, in Myeongdong and Yeouido by January next year.

He said, “First, we will open a store at IFC Mall in Yeouido mid-December, then open a store in Myeongdong in January next year.”

At the end of this month, YG Foods will open a multi-purpose space that serves as a restaurant, hall, and a resting place on the 50th and 51th floor of the Federation of Korean Industries building in Yeouido.

2015. 11. 3.

Source: YG LIFE


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