[YG LIFE] PSY, preparing comeback on the 1st December, says, “No overseas plans this time”


[세계일보=추영준 기자] PSY who rocked the world with his “GANGNAM STYLE” is working on his new album for his Korean fans this time. It is known that he has no plans for overseas activities.

YG Entertainment has uploaded on its official blog a poster reading “PSY New Album 2015. 12. 01” together with PSY’s caricature, hinting his comeback on the 1st of December.

As PSY said in his prior concert, “I will go back to the beginning and come back with a new album”, it was reported that he would only focus on activities in Korea with the new album to be released.

As his “GANGNAM STYLE” made a great hit and grew enormously popular around the world, he went on with his overseas activities releasing single album “GENTLEMAN” in April 2013 as the follow-up track.

PSY first presented the new song “GENTLEMAN” to his 40,000 fans gathered at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul, and later headed for the United States and Europe to build more popularity overseas.

As a result, “GENTLEMAN” went up to the top 5 on the US Billboard Singles Chart, and gained 889 million hits on Youtube.

Some sources related to PSY said on the 4th, “the new album is in its last stage. PSY has no plans for overseas activities with this new album, but will only perform for his Korean fans going back to the beginning with ‘PSY-like music’.” And he added, “if the new songs make a great hit around the world, then he may, I think, plan for overseas activities.”

PSY is also preparing to hold a Christmas concert in Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul for Korean fans.

Meanwhile, PSY’s iconic song “GANGNAM STYLE” took the 2nd place for seven continuous weeks on the Billboard Singles Chart, and its music video was listed on the Guinness Book with 2,443,300,000 hits on Youtube.

2015. 11. 4.

Source: YG LIFE


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