[YG LIFE] DARA as Miss North Korea… Perfect look in an evening gown


[스타뉴스=김미화 기자] DARA boasted her perfect look in an evening gown.

DARA unveiled her photo taken in a red evening gown, in celebration of the broadcasting of KBS TV’s one-act drama “Missing Korea” (written by Kim Yeong-Eon and Kwon Sang-Hee, directed by Min Doo-Sik, produced by Partner K) scheduled at November 3 at 10am on NAVER TV CAST.

In the photo, DARA is boasting a perfect look just like a Miss Korea, wearing luxuriant hair style, colorful makeup, and eye-catching red evening gown. While showing such a perfect look, DARA is encouraging people to watch the drama, holding and showing the script of the drama in her hands.

Drama series “Missing Korea” depicts a happening for female factory workers who work at the Gaeseong Industrial Complex located in North Korea, who are mistakenly confused with the group of Miss North Koreas for the “1st Miss South-North Korea Beauty Contest”. DARA acts the character of “Lee Yeong-Hwa”, a North Korean factory worker who joined the Gaeseong Industrial Complex after completing her military service. DARA expresses the change in “Lee Yeong-Hwa”’s personality from a strict and disciplined soldier into a Miss North Korea. Singer-cum-actor Kim Jeong-Hoon acts DARA’s counterpart character.

The drama bears all the more significant meaning, as it is aired after the “20th Reunion of Families Separated from South and North Koreas” that was held at Geumgangsan Mountain last month.

The producer of the drama said, “To maximize the meaning of this drama, we shot it actually at the South-North communication office located near North Korea. We tried to send a stronger message for the reunification of South and North Korea, in ‘Missing Korea’”.

Meanwhile, “Missing Korea” has total six episodes and it will be aired on NAVER TV CAST from November 3, on every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10am.

2015. 11. 3.


Source: YG LIFE


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