[YG LIFE] AKMU asked “President YANG, please let us release a new album”


[마이데일리=최지예 기자] AKMU, a duo of a brother and sister, cutely asked YG Entertainment’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK to release their album.

On November 3, AKMU appeared in a special video for “K-Pop Star 5” unveiled on the show’s official Facebook account.

To a question “What would you have done if there was Antenna Music for season 2?”, LEE CHAN HYUK answered, “No matter what, I would have joined YG”. LEE SU HYUN gave an honest answer, saying, “I think I would have given it a lot of thoughts”.

Then, LEE CHAN HYUK began to praise YG, saying, “I love YG. You know, President YANG is so good to us”. Then, LEE SU HYUN asked, “Are you trying to get on his good side?” and cutely said, “President, please let us release a new album”.

LEE CHAN HYUK then began to talk about all the good things about YG, to make LEE SU HYUN at last say, “You’re hurting uncle Yoo Hee-Yeol’s feelings, so he is not responding when I say hello to him”. LEE CHAN HYUK rebutted, “But it’s not uncle Yoo Hee-Yeol who produces our album”. Eventually, LEE SU HYUN put an end to the quarrel, saying, “We need to delete this video”, making the viewers burst into a big laughter.

Meanwhile, AKMU took part in “K-Pop Star 5” as guest judges. The first episode of “K-Pop Star 5” will be aired on the 22.

2015. 11. 4.

Source: YG LIFE


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