[YG LIFE] “World star” PSY confirmed schedule of comeback at December 1… Will he fascinate the world again?


[일간스포츠=황미현 기자] Singer PSY has confirmed the schedule of his comeback at December 1.

Finally, PSY who has made his name throughout the world as a “world star” is coming back in Korea.

PSY’s label YG Entertainment posted an image of PSY’s comeback on November 3 at 9am, on the company’s official blog. The image presents the date of PSY’s comeback “’PSY NEW ALBUM 2015.12.01” and PSY who is wearing a big smile in a jacket.

PSY has been absent from the music scene for two years and seven months since “Gentleman”. During that time, PSY worked very hard on the new album. As YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK hinted on PSY’s comeback in the first half of this year, fans’ expectations for PSY’s comeback have been growing higher. Now, people are paying keen attention to what kind of new song will be presented by PSY who has already become a world-famous star.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” recorded an unprecedented worldwide hit as a Korean song, taking the No.2 place on Billboard singles chart for seven consecutive weeks and surpassing 2,443,300,000 views on YouTube to be included in the Guinness Book. Then, PSY created sensation on the global pop music market again, with “Gentleman” that took the fifth place on Billboard singles chart and garnered 889,000,000 views on YouTube. At his concert held at the end of last year, PSY said “I’ll come back with my original style”, to raise fans’ expectations. As he promised at that time, PSY is now coming back with a new album.

2015. 11. 3.


Source: YG LIFE


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