[ARTICLE] K-Pop Crossover: Big Bang Ranked Amongst Taylor Swift, Katy Perry In Concert Ticket Sales By Billboard


(Photo : Official Facebook artists’ page)

While Taylor Swift remains at the top in many regards, the power of K-pop made a glimpse in the recent box office record published by Billboard magazine.

Last month, the publication heralded Taylor Swift for grossing $13.6 through The 1989 World Tour for that week. However, K-pop powerhouse Big Bang also entered the box office chart, ranking amongst musical acts like Foo Fighters, Katy Perry and Shania Twain with a weekly gross of $1.7 million.

“With seven arena shows earlier this month, the North American leg of Big Bang’s 2015 Made World Tour made it the biggest and most successful Korean-artist tour on the continent to date,”wrote contributor Jeff Benjamin.

This is not the first time the worlds of Taylor Swift and K-pop have collided in headlines. In July, music video director Joseph Kahn accused Jezebel of spreading false plagiarism claims regarding the “Bad Blood” video and an earlier music video for 2NE1’s “Come Back Home.”

“If you hit me in the head with a bottle of kimchi I wouldn’t know a single K-pop song in the last five years,” tweeted Kahn. “Too busy listening to ‘Anaconda.’ I do not listen to K-pop. I am American. And this is an unethical, slandering article.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang fans will get to relive the North American world tour through the upcoming “Big Bang: MADE 2015 Concert” documentary, the first original production from DramaFever.

“The ability for music to cross barriers and transcend culture is undeniable,” said DramaFever president Suk Park.

“It’s one of the reasons K-pop has become a global phenomenon. As one of the biggest and most unique acts, Big Bang has set itself apart as the vanguard of the genre. This is why the ‘Big Bang: MADE 2015 Concert’ is our first foray into original programming. It’s clear from our internal metrics that our core audience of multicultural millennials are rabid fans of K-pop. We look forward to hearing their response.”

The documentary will premiere on DramaFever for free on Nov. 11 for American and Canadian viewers.

Source: KpopStarz


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