[ARTICLE] Is 2NE1 Back? Instagram Posts Revive Hope In New Music From The K-Pop Girl Group


Are they back?

2NE1 fans all over the Internet started wondering if the YG Entertainment girl group were back in the studio following a series of social media posts by members and people close to the girl group. Images shared by the quintet’s leader CL in particular gained attention.

The quintet has been on hiatus since 2014 following a drug-related scandal and members have been focusing on individual activities ever since.

On Sunday, CL shared two images of 2NE1’s earlier days, including a series of group images from their 2009 debut era and a picture of herself with 2NE1’s Dara from 2010.

The same day, an alleged YG Entertainment choreographer posted a picture on Instagram of 2NE1 from what appears to be a Japanese magazine with the words “2NE1 is back.” The image came several days after the same choreographer sharing an image of four dancers appearing to choreograph a dance with the caption “Soon YG.”

A short video teaser of Dara was also uploaded to YG Entertainment’s official Instagram account on Oct. 31, although it is unclear whether the teaser is related to 2NE1 activities or Dara’s solo schedule.

Fans speculating on both Instagram and other social media sites interpreted the posts to mean upcoming music from the YG Entertainment girl group after over a year-long hiatus from 2NE1 following Park Bom’s drug-importing scandal in June 2014.

In Oct. Park Bom was seen at YG Entertainment, leading to initial speculation that Park Bom has recently returned to work within the agency.

YG Entertainment has released no news of an upcoming comeback from 2NE1. CL is currently preparing the release of her first English-language album to make a debut in the U.S. music market.

Source: KpopStarz


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