[YG LIFE NEWS] Why A Star Designer From Paris Says “GD gives me inspiration”


(Haider Ackermann talking to G-DRAGON at a select shop in Chungdam-dong, Seoul on October 27. G-DRAGON is wearing Haider Ackermann’s clothes.)

[조선일보=송혜진 기자] Haider Ackermann, who was handpicked by Karl Lagerfeld as his successor, says “My adopted little brother is from Korea and that’s why I feel closer to the country.”

“I met GD at a club in Paris, and we talked for a little while. I thought ‘I would really love to go to Seoul again.’ I’ve been to Seoul last year to launch my collection and it was wonderful. I’m so happy to be here again.”

We met the 43-year old designer Haider Ackermann to interview him at a department store in Seoul around 2 PM on October 27. He seemed to be tired from the jetlag yet excited. “This is my second time to Seoul and yet the city still feels new to me. Seoul is such a beautiful dynamic city. I want to come with my family next time so that they will be able to enjoy Seoul too.”

Haider Ackermann is currently the hottest designer in Europe and the US. His clothes are tailored to have an elegant and flowing silhouette, and they are known to be sexy and charming without showing too much skin. He is also referred to as the new Yves Saint Laurent, the legendary French designer. Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer of Chanel and Fendi even said, “I have my eyes on Haider Ackermann as my successor.”

Why is Haider Ackermann so excited about being in Seoul? He says “My little brother is from Korea.” Haider Ackermann is French but he was born in Columbia. He was adopted by a French couple. His two siblings were also adopted from Korea and Vietnam. “My parents didn’t really say that we were all adopted, but we knew because we all looked different. When I was young, kids used to make fun but my siblings and I fought back together and this made us closer“ said Haider Ackermann.

G-DRAGON knew about Haider Ackermann special love for Korea and invited him to come to Seoul to see him in July. At that time, they were in Paris to see the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week at the Grand Palais. They became friends instantly and even went to a club to party after the shows. There were also Kanye West and Tilda Swinton at the party. Haider Ackermann said, “GD has such a free spirit. He is so intelligent, curious about so many things, and witty. Just as Seoul is charming because it is such a dynamic city, GD shows me a different appeal every time I see him, so I am truly inspired by him.”

At 7 PM, he headed for a select shop in Chungdam-dong. For some time, he looked at the clothes of his collection, which was displayed in the shop. Suddenly, he had a big smile on his face. GD came to see him. They said hi and chatted in English: “How have you been?” “Busy as usual. I have my own shop in Seoul now.” “I’ve been on a world tour, and the schedule was really hectic. We’ve held concerts in Australia and Canada, even in the US and Mexico. Mexico was really awesome!”

Then, they went to the restaurant on the fourth floor. The select shop and restaurant was closed that day so that they could meet privately. Top model Park Seoung-jin, actor Lee Su-hyuk, and Chung Wha-kyung – an executive at Sinsegae Department Store – joined them at the party. They chatted endlessly for about two hours. Haider Ackermann said “GD and I talked about the drinking culture of Korea and France as well as that of other countries. And of course, we talked about fashion too. I’m so happy whenever I come to Seoul. I will bring my brother next time.”

2015. 10. 31.

Source: YG Life Blog

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