[YG LIFE NEWS] TV Talk Talk: First shooting for ‘K-Pop Star 5’s Main Competition today … Return of the No.1 Audition

Kpop Star-Yang Hyun Suk[OSEN=표재민 기자] Season 5 of SBS TV’s audition program “K-Pop Star” is coming back. The shooting for the audition’s main competition with the judge panel of YANG HYUN SUK, Park Jin-Young, and Yoo Hee-Yeol begins today. As the show is the No.1 audition program in Korea that draws the biggest attention, music fans are already paying keen attention to what super star will be born from this show again.

The shooting for “K-Pop Star 5” begins on the 15 this month. Preliminary contests for this show have been carried out from May this year, and a fierce competition between contestants is expected for the main competition.

Unlike other singer audition shows whose popularity is fading away, “K-Pop Star 5” is still showing a big influence. As the heads of major music labels in Korea directly discover and nurture potential rookies, wanna-be singers have high expectations for “K-Pop Star”.

Usually, wanna-be singers who apply for audition of ordinary music labels do not have an opportunity to meet music-industry big shots like the judge panel of “K-Pop Star” show. However, in “K-Pop Star”, the head of Korea’s major music labels directly select and nurture contestants, which is the reason why many wanna-be singers with big potential are flocking to participate in “K-Pop Star”. Notably, YANG HYUN SUK who has written a new history in the music scene by hitting a jackpot with every singer he has produced such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, WINNER, and iKON is playing the central role in the show. YANG HYUN SUK spares no efforts, giving contestants his practical advice, objective evaluation, and systematic support, thereby contributing to the birth of “k-pop stars” and viewer’s opportunities to listen to good music. The other judge members, Park Jin-Young and Yoo Hee-Yeol, are also playing special role in the success of the program.

As “K-Pop Star” has discovered and given birth to Park Ji-Min, Lee Hi, AKMU, Baek Ah-Yeon, Lee Jin-Ah, Katie Kim, and Jeong Seung-Hwan for the past four years, music fans are already paying keen attention to who the next star born from this show will be. The return of such “No.1 audition” is making the hearts of music fans pound. The broadcasting of the show will begin within next month.

2015. 10. 15.

Source: YG Life Blog

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