The story and crop-cinema film of “(FLAME) PART. 2,” a photo shoot featuring KIM JINWOO and YAMATO KOHTA, have been disclosed by YG STAGE (http://www.ygstage.com), YG’s actor agency and a channel that provides news about the actors and relevant content.

“Crop Cinema” is a new project of YG STAGE, where we create a video of a certain scene of a movie scenario that we produce on our own, so that you can enjoy the plot of the story and solid acting skills of the actors.

PART. 1 of the photo shoot featured two vampire brothers in a dark mansion. We have disclosed the photos and crop-cinema film of “(FLAME) PART. 2” in a trailer format, where they end their long, lonely lives in the rising sun. 

The crop-cinema film of YG STAGE’s “(FLAME)” and online photo images have been disclosed on Naver TV Cast for the first time. Here are the photo shoot images exclusively for the readers of Naver Entertainment Special, behind story and polaroid photos of KIM JINWOO and YAMATO KOHTA. 

Watch the video, here

YG STAGE’s photo shoot “(FLAME) PART. 2” features two vampire brothers walking into the light of the rising sun. Unlike the intense and decadent feel they displayed in PART. 1, the two actors played vampires who choose to end their lives, expressing heartache and sadness while looking cold and calm at the same time.

The acting skills of KIM JINWOO of WINNER were quite impressive given that he is a rookie. He is the one whose back was exposed in the teaser images of the photo shoot, with some of the buttons on the back of a red blouse opened. The bloody red blouse and the dim light of the dawn further amplified his beauty.

YAMATO KOHTA, YG STAGE’s first Japanese actor, showed dramatically different aspects from PART. 1. He is the one wearing a fedora in the teaser images. A classic fedora and a ribbon necktie further enhanced his attractive looks. He completed an image like a scenic scene in a Japanese movie with the background of the blue sky and ocean.

KIM JINWOO and YAMATO KOHTA made the photo shoot images more colorful, as they displayed more diverse aspects of themselves as actors. The paradoxical combination of vampires and the sun was actually very beautiful, and the actors were very engaged with the photo shoot. 

KIM JINWOO and YAMATO KOHTA played vampires in the sun. And the intense light in the photos shows why the title of this photo shoot is “(FLAME).” The shooting was completed with the last scene featuring the two vampires against the backdrop of the red ocean under the rising sun.

Here come the undisclosed photos and behind story for the readers of Naver Entertainment Special!

The shooting of  “(FLAME)” took place at a cold September night. More than 30 staff members waited for the sun to rise in the chill of the night. It was no exception for KIM JINWOO and YAMATO KOHTA. But they were professional, staying up all night along with the staff members although they must have been tired from long hours of shooting. 

The sun finally rose! KIM JINWOO and YAMATO KOHTA stood in front of the camera after long waiting hours. They were just part of the beautiful scene against the backdrop of a burning sunrise. The photo shoot began on a quiet beach in the dawn, and the clicking sound of the camera’s shutter was the only noise that existed there.

KIM JINWOO monitored the photos several times during the photo shooting. Despite the cold weather and long hours of shooting, he remained alert and focused throughout the process. 

The photo he was seeing was the one in the teaser images. He exposed his back in the air, with some of the buttons on the back of a floaty red blouse undone. The following is the image before it was retouched.  

In the photo below, a staff member is fixing YAMATO KOHTA’s necktie. He took a cold medicine, as it became suddenly cold. Although he didn’t feel well that day, YAMATO KOHTA was cheerful and did his best throughout the shooting.

KIM JINWOO and YAMATO KOHTA are wearing a blanket and coat in the face of a cold wind. The shooting, which started in the evening of the previous day, was over at noon the next day.

Polaroid photos exclusively for the readers of Naver Entertainment Special!

The polaroid images below will be given to some of those after a prize draw who post their reviews about “(FLAME) PART. 2.” We are looking forward to your comments, and we hope that you will continue to take interest in and pay attention to a wide range of content that YG STAGE offers.  

2015. 10. 13.

Source: YG Life Blog


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