[YG-Life] “Seungri’s Do It for Me”, anyone would want to have this kind of errand boy everyday


“Can’t be more diligent!”

On the 23, the video of “SEUNGRI’s Do It for Me” was unveiled on NAVER V-APP. In the broadcasting, SEUNGRI worked at a 24-hour veterinarian clinic, at the request of Ms. Kyung Ji-Ae who works there.

SEUNGRI began the work by changing into the clinic’s uniform. He did not hesitate to pick up a mop to clean the floor of the clinic. He made Ms. Kyung, the applicant for the broadcasting, seat on a chair comfortably. SEUNGRI was not ashamed or hesitant of doing the cleaning, but actively helped and cared the applicant.

SEUNGRI also spent a pleasant time, looking after animals at the clinic. An unexpected situation took place when a cat ran out of its cage, but SEUNGRI was quick to take the cat back into the cage and come back to the broadcasting as if nothing had happened, showing his wits.

SEUNGRI proudly explained, “The other members were seating and doing some fancy things in the broadcasting, but I set this kind of concept to more closely communicate with you fans”. In fact, G-DRAGON did his personal broadcasting so comfortably, lying on the bed. The applicant for SEUNGRI’s broadcasting complimented him saying “That’s great”, SEUNGRI asked her to say it louder, making viewers burst into laughter.

SEUNGRI not only worked hard, but also prepared night snack to treat the applicant and have more meaningful time with her. SEUNGRI bought and brought some Korean traditional rice cake and fried dishes for the applicant. He displayed his easy and free personality, having the snacks with the applicant. SEUNGRI and the applicant who are aged the same decided to go by first name and they even fed each other with the snacks.

Meanwhile, SEUNGRI checked all the replies from fans and gave his answers, boasting his quick responses. He entertained viewers by imitating YG president YANG HYUN SUK’s voice in writing an acrostic poem with the word “CAT” and moved fans by singing a song. He also mentioned the plan for BIGBANG’s concert scheduled for early next year, being acclaimed by fans. As such, SEUNGRI’s personal broadcasting “SEUNGRI’s Do It for Me” displayed SEUNGRI as an errand boy, entertaining viewers and being acclaimed by them. SEUNGRI’s active and attitude to help the applicant was enough to get two thumbs-up.

Credits: YG-Life

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