[YG-LIFE] Music Talk Talk: Music Charts Fluctuating with iKON’s comeback … “This monstrous rookie idol”


 Music charts are fluctuating again, because of them. Even though it was just “half”, not “full”, the music scene showed an immediate response. YG’s “monstrous rookie” iKON is sweeping music charts once again with their new song.

iKON’s new song “RHYTHM TA” released on October 1 at 0 o’clock took the No.1 on the chart of Genie, Olleh Music, NAVER Music, and Soribada, upon its release. The song is still staying in the No.1, half day after the release. It is a precious success achieved despite fierce attack of other top singers such as Lim Chang-Jung, Ailee, Soyoo X Gwon Jung-Yul, Park Kyung, and Gary.

Most of the top 10 places of major music charts are taken by the songs of iKON’s half album, such as “AIRPLANE”, “TODAY”, and “WELCOME BACK”. Also with “MY TYPE” released before, charts now look like the track list of iKON’s album.

“RHYTHM TA” has a new mood completely different from that of warm-up single “MY TYPE”. The song is filled with iKON’s flagship intense feel, which makes listeners naturally move to the rhythm. It has a more significant meaning, as iKON member B.I and JU-NE wrote its melody and BOBBY wrote the lyrics. It also boasts high quality, as a genuine hip-hop music.

iKON took not only the No.1 on charts but also the No.1 in TV music shows last month, with “MY TYPE”. Such an achievement was made without any TV performance, with only the team’s rankings on charts and votes from fans. As “RHYTHM TA” is also creating sensation upon its release, the song is  expected to gain a big success, too.

The rising star, this monstrous rookie is chewing up the music scene.

2015. 10. 1.

Credits: YG-Life

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