[YG-LIFE] Music Talk Talk: iKON Already Ranked No.1 on Charts of Two TV Music Shows but Is Expected to do Better in October


 iKON has taken the No.1 spot on two music show charts with “MY TYPE”, making it more than just a warm-up single.

This means that they have become No. 1 on the charts of two music shows before they have even officially debuted. The super rookie has swept the daily and weekly charts of major music streaming sites, and now they are dominating the TV music show charts.

Yes iKON has not even debuted yet, but they have already become No. 1 on the charts of two music shows.

The first time was September 26. On MBC’s Show!Music Core, iKON’s “MY TYPE” beat Red Velvet’s ”Dumb Dumb” and Fly To The Sky’s “It Happens To Be That Way” taking the first place. The song got the full score on the text votes and online and offline sales.

iKON’s winning streak continued till the next day. On September 27, SBS’s Inkigayo announced on its official website that iKON’s “MY TYPE” won against Red Velvet’s ”Dumb Dumb” and Fly To The Sky’s “It Happens To Be That Way” and became No. 1 on their charts. The show was prerecorded because of the Chuseok holiday, so it was only after the show was aired that iKON knew they became No.1 again.

Half of the tracks on iKON’s debut album – “WELCOME BACK”- will be released at 12 AM on October 1. Out of the six songs, “RHYTHM TA” is most likely to become No.1 on the charts. Since iKON’s “MY TYPE” has rocked the charts even through the group has not appeared on TV shows to promote the song, expectations are running high for their next singles. iKON’s winning streak, which began in the last week of September, is expected to continue all throughout October.

On September 28, YG Entertainment uploaded a poster for iKON’s new album on its official blog. In the poster, the seven members of iKON are standing with their backs showing and wearing red basketball jerseys that have their names and number written on the back. According to the poster, one of the title tracks of iKON’s new album is “RHYTHM TA”, and it will be released online along with its MV at 12 AM on October 1.

The poster depicts how excited and nervous the member are before their official debut as if they are just about to start a basketball match.

iKON raised the fans’ expectations by releasing a track list of their debut half album on September 24. “RHYTHM TA” and “AIRPLANE” are to be the title tracks. B.I and BOBBY participated in writing the music and lyrics of all the six songs, and KOO JUN HOE participated in writing the music for “RHYTHM TA”.

iKON’s new album will be released online at 12 AM on October 1 and offline on October 5. Before releasing their album, iKON will be holding various events to communicate with their fans.

They will be holding a mini sports match called “WELCOME BACK WITH NAVER V”, and it will be aired live from 9 PM on September 30 on Naver’s V app. Before the match, iKON members will be talking about their new album, concert, and what sports they will be playing for the upcoming matches. On the same day and at the same hour, the “KONBUS SIGNING DAY” will be held at “KONBUS”, which is a bus with iKON written over it. Fans will be able to send messages to iKON before their big debut.

Meanwhile, iKON will be holding their debut concert – “SHOWTIME” – at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on October 3 to meet their fans.

2015. 9. 28.

Credits: YG-Life

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