[YG-LIFE] iKON Says Their Title Track “‘RHYTHYM TA’ is Powerful and Intense, just like us”


B.I said this during the “OPENING CEREMONY” event broadcasted on Naver’s V app in the evening of September 30.

He went on to say “We only have three hours to go until the release of our half album. We’re here finally. There have been many ups and downs on the way. We wanted to give something in return to those who have waited for the last two years. That’s what we focused on when we were making the album. It truly reflects who we are.”

He also said, “As you might have guessed, ‘RHYTHYM TA’ is our song. Just like our image, it is powerful and intense. We have many songs for you to enjoy. Our half album will be released in a few hours and the full album, in November.”

Meanwhile, iKON topped the online and the offline charts with their warm-up single “MY TYPE” –which was released on September 15.

Their debut half album “WELCOME BACK” was released today, and their debut full album will be released on November 2. The track list of their debut half album “WELCOME BACK” was released earlier on, and its title tracks are “RHYTHM TA” and “AIRPLANE”.

Credits: YG-Life

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