[YG-LIFE] iKON say’s “BobbyY gets all obsessive about his cellphone when he’s drunk.”

Bobby and BI for High Cut 3BOBBY’s drinking habits are revealed.

In the afternoon of September 30, a collaboration fan meeting was held for iKON and MOONSHOT in the rooftop garden of Young Plaza in Myongdong, Seoul. Kim Il Jung – a former SBS announcer – was the MC for the event.

The fan meeting was especially meaningful as it was held with just hours to go before the release of iKON’s debut album “WELCOME BACK” – which is scheduled to take place at the midnight of October 1. All the seven members came and answered the questions of their fans.

When a fan asked “What kind of drinking habits do the members have?” the members looked at BOBBY all at the same time. BOBBY protested, “I don’t drink!” and other members booed.

The members revealed BOBBY’s drinking habit by saying, “When BOBBY drinks, he goes over the contact list on his cellphone. Then he goes into his room. But, when we go into his room the next day, we could see that he fell asleep while he’s still on the phone. That’s about it.”

They laughed and said, “We never found out who he calls.”

iKON’s debut half album “WELCOME BACK” has six tracks in total including their warm-up single “MY TYPE”, which was released on September 15. The album has two title tracks: “RHYTHM TA” and “AIRPLANE”.

Credits: YG-Life

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